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Game Informer #105 Janurary 2002: GameCube Reviews

I didn't get a GameCube until the summer of 2002.

List items

  • 9.25 -The Cutest Game Ever!- "Although this is essentially a detailed puzzle game, the detail is truly a sight to behold. If you're not having fun within ten minutes of the opening sequence, you probably forgot to turn your television on." -Kristian- *Second Opinion* 8.5 -Reiner- "I loved this game and its sequel" -Claude-

  • 9.75 -Anything PS2 Can Do, Cube Can Do Better- "This release had many things going against it. The development team was porting one of the greatest games of the year onto new hardware, and trying to do so before GameCube launched. Despite pressure and forced insomnia for Neversoft, things couldn't have turned out better." -Justin- *Second Opinion* 9.75 -Reiner- "I played it on the PS2, awesome" Claude

  • 7.5 -Four Times Crazy- "This port is virtually identical to both the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 versions," -Matt- *Second Opinion* 6.5 -Justin- "I played it on the Dreamcast. It was fun for a while" -Claude-