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Game Informer #105 Janurary 2002: PlayStation Reviews

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  • 8.5 -Arc, Arc, Arcin' On Heaven's Door- "Good quests, good writing, and a huge compilation make for a no-brainer for RPG fans." -Justin- *Second Opinion* 8 -Andy-

  • 3 "Shame on you, Sony." -Andy-

  • 1 "Like the show it's based on, the game is so indescribably bad that it's almost good in its ow weird way." -Matt-

  • 7.75 "Forget Deep Blue, I was getting my butt whipped by the PlayStation's puny 32-bit processor every time." -Matt-

  • 7 "Weakest Link on PS-X is not a few itches short of a rash. Good-bye." -Justin-