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Game Informer #105 Janurary 2002: Xbox Reviews

I wouldn't get an Xbox until 2003.

List items

  • 7.5 -The Real Ricky Retread- "I'm not sure it's capable of converting the mainstream to its cause just yet, but Xboxers should be happy to get in on the ground floor with this one." -Kato- *Second Opinion* -Kristian- "I played it on the PS2, nice game, enjoyed my time with it" -Claude-

  • 8.5 -Tossin' Balls In The Box- "Live has been putting up big numbers for years, on nearly every conceivable home system." Justin *Second Opinion* 8.5 -Reiner- "I played it on the PS2, it's a basketball game" -Claude-

  • 2 -You Cut Me Shrek, You Cut Me Deep- "Shrek can burp and light his farts!" -Matt- *Second Opinion* 3 -Andy-

  • 6 -Stop And Smell The Green Meteor Things- "For the young kid who's been starved on a diet of crappy kart games, this will seem like a feast." -Kato- *Second Opinion* 6 -Matt-

  • 8.5 -Ride The Zamboni Pony- "If you've got a hankering for some good multiplayer fun or a mindless testosterone tirade, Hitz is your hook-up." -Justin- *Second Opinion" 8 -Reiner-