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  • I might as well be kinda biased about Assassin's Creed 2, being italian and all, but you've gotta give credit where it's due. This is such a leap forward from the first Assassin's Creed, it's one of the very few times that a sequel manages to obliterate its predecessor in pretty much every way possible. And I really liked the original AC. I get that the ending can be pretty divisive (and I do feel kinda sorry for Ezio, and hope for some more closure in the DLCs that have ben announced), but personally I love this game because of its pacing and most of all its looks and athmosphere. Jesper Kyd needs to do more soundtracks, really. I can't tell how many times I got distracted by the music and started walking randomly on the rooftops looking at the moon...

    I just wish it wasn't so stereotypical towards italians. Please guys, do yourselves a favor and play this in Italian with english subtitles. I switched to english on my second playthrough, and's pretty cringeworthy.

  • This was an amazing ride. One setpiece after another, it never stopped! Also, it never stopped being fun to play. As a matter of fact, only the number one game on this list made me want to continue playing more than Uncharted 2 did, just to see the story unfold before my eyes.

    The multiplayer was also pretty fun, it reminded me a lot of Gears of War 2, minus the rage inducing lag.

  • I'm not a long time RPG enthusiast, but I enjoy me some RPGs from time to time. This game got me hooked and more importantly it gave my video card a reason to exist (yes, PC is definitely the way to go with this).

    Also, this got me pretty hyped for Mass Effect 2. God I love BioWare.

  • This was a real surprise for me, and such a pleasant one. In the era of casual games that tend to take the player by the hand all the way to the end credits, it was nice to be smacked in the face by Demon's Souls. It's certainly the most rage inducing game of 2009, but it can probably also be the most rewarding.

    The only problem is that I'm European, and I don't like to be ignored.

  • I'm gonna be quick on this one. Nobody cares about your ridiculous wannabe hollywood story. That's why I laughed hard at this game having its special Bombcast. The focus of this franchise is and has always been the multiplayer, and IW managed to F this up in so many ways it's ridiculous. Its a glitchy campfest, that's all it is. All that money and still they can't afford to get playtesters who aren't blind. What makes this better than Killzone 2? My Xbox 360 friendlist.

  • I was one of the few that didn't immediately jump on the hypetrain after the infamous E3 trailer, and maybe this is one of the things that made this game much more enjoyable. The story is utter trash, and so are the characters playing it, but really, who cares? Killzone 2 still is a competent shooter with amazing visuals and a pretty balanced and deep multiplayer. The only real gripe I have is that the controls take some time getting used to (this is mostly due to the fact that i hate the so called triggers of the DualShock 3).

  • Re5 is definitely a step back from RE4 in a lot of ways. Whoever thought that more of the same was a good idea, was in fact all the way wrong. This game, albeit being enjoyable and really impressive from a purely technical standpoint, lacked the athmosphere and grittyness of its predecessors. Also, it doesn't help that Sheva's AI is dumb as a brick.

  • The first downloadable game I actually cared about. Glad I did, but it got old pretty soon.

  • I'm still torn on this one. Don't get me wrong, I think Borderlands is a good game and it has a lot of personality to it, but I still think it's kinda overrated. I tried to get into it but it didn't do it for me.