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Live! Or Something Like It (Issue 1)

This is an idea I've been kicking around for a blog/podcast/website and I thought I'd turn to the GB community for help. I wanted to dive off the concept around geek and nerd culture, but keeping it to a grounded level. So hopefully through the weeks and months of blogging we can form a sub group on the site in the pursuit of talking about movies, art, books, music and of course video games. The idea of a bunch of working stiffs looking for a creative outlet, and if that strikes your fancy feel free to contact me.

I wanted to kick this one off with a quick question. Why did I love the movie "Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter"? Realistically, I shouldn't have. It didn't rate well and I'm not a fan of the director. Last night however, even beyond the point of ironically enjoying a terrible movie, my friends and I found ourselves laughing and screaming at the absurd action on the screen. Another thing to note is I hate trendy sci-fi/horror. I hate the Resident Evil movies (mainly for not drawing on good characters.) and I hate Underworld (mainly because its boring). So the question to drop on the group today is this:

Where is the line in a movie between absurd action and a good movie?

Well I guess thats two questions...

Good examples are movies like "Shoot Em Up" "Give em Hell Malone" and "Dylan Dog, Dead of Night" Movies that by critical standards are not well off, but still bring a fair amount of comedy inspired absurdity to the table.