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Live! Or Something Like It (Issue 2)

With the launch of the new 007 movie "Skyfall" this weekend, my local used book/music/movie store has dusted off the DVD copies of "Dr. No" and such to create a display to remind us that we should prepare for a marathon. Whether you take on the task of all the movies, or simply do a Daniel Craig double feature, if you're planning catching the new escapades of 007 this weekend it seems that there will be plenty of love for your DVD or Blu-Ray player.

Today's topic is a dangerous one because as a fan of the series, its a tough one to fess up to. Looking at the idea of who is the best James Bond brings on a cavalcade of factors. Is it based on who did it first? What about who did the most? Are there disqualifying factors? Most importantly, does Daniel Craig even qualify in you're own mind?

For me, Daniel Craig is James Bond. Going back to Ian Flemming's first novel (Casino Royale) bond is treated as ruthless, a characteristic not seen in many Bond films. In the days prior to Craig, Sean Connery would have been an easy win. At my current age of 29 years old, it is safe to say that my childhood Bond is Pierce Brosnan, but outside of "Goldeneye" and a few choice moments of "The World is Not Enough" I never really called him my Bond. Brosnan's greated contribution is the N64 videogame tied to his name sake, but it doesn't help in qualifying him as the Best Bond.

So for his cold nature, well paced action and true spy work over silly gadgets, Daniel Craig is my 007. Who is yours?

(I promise to get to video games on the next post, there's plenty to talk about)