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Sim City Superheroes

So, for months now, my friends and I have been following the synchronous multiplayer aspect of Sim City. With being tired of more popular multiplayer games, and with lack of time because of work and family stuff we decided it would be fun to get on Skype and play while trying to mess with each others cities.

For MONTHS my friend has been joking with my about superheroes because I keep threatening him with a crime rate issue. After laughing it off for months now I got to pre order and see this:

"Pre-order SimCity and get the Limited Edition Heroes & Villains content..."

He was JOKING, but they added super heroes and villains to Sim City. I texted him at work and I could practically feel him through the Force trying to get to a computer to pre order. It's cool that they added this, but since I'm not a regular Sim City player it seemed out of left field. Still amped though

So anyone else excited about this?

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