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@corevi: Noted haha! Do you play any FPS games on it? So far the only info I can find is the multiplayer for CoD works, but I'm wondering about the campaign. I read 007 legends works, but its a menu option, and I'm looking for things that will work straight away with the game pad. I know, its weird I'm playing third party games at all, but I'm still new to Nintendo (in it's current form) and I like familiar feeling games.

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I'm just wondering who uses their Wii U like Patrick did (I think it was him) who hooked it up to use the game pad to play off TV mode.

My Wii-U is currently plugged in and sitting in my desk at work. During my lunch break I'll bust out the game pad and treat it like a hand held. I play smash brothers, Mario Kart and virtual console games on it. I take it home on the weekends to play it like normal with friends, but I'm wondering who else does this, and what kind of games you play.

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I use a Turtle Beach because I needed wireless headphones that hooked into my TV, not my game system (I have a Wii U, a PS4 and an Apple TV). Most brands I found just hooked into the system, which is a drag since I bounce between my three media devices.

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Yeah the standard mode goes way quicker because Crisis has so many barriers set up. You can't beat the Super villain without defeating the crisis, and you can't defeat that until you beat the normal villains on the table. Even then, some of the Crisis' are tough to beat and take time to coordinate on. My last game this past weekend took three hours with three people playing.

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@bane122: The expansion functions in the same way that Marvel DCB does. Also, if you stick to a characters strengths (IE Batman using equipment) it makes a lot of sense. Strangely enough my new favorite character is John Constantine because he can burn cards at will, and its easy to keep a nice, lean deck.

I own the two main sets (Original and Heroes Unite) for the characters and different type cards you play. I then used this handy website to fine tune a perfect co-op deck. Once you pick the cards you need I never change them.

If you want to save money just buy the crisis and the Heroes Unite set. The crisis comes with Co-op versions of the original heroes, so you'll have your mainstay heroes available to you.

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@bane122: Thanks! You should go back and try it with the Crisis expansion. It fixes all of the thematic stuff by making the game co-op, you no longer recruit villains, you simply defeat them and they include new hero cards with team building powers (Example: green lantern can now shield friendlies from attacks).

Nice name btw!

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Hey I need advice from anyone who has been playing this game and the expansions:

My friends and I are trying to build an ideal deck of decks for the "Crisis" expansion, which essentially turns the game into a cooperative game. We're having trouble with the balance, number of cards, types and so forth. If anyone has taken a crack at this before please let me know! Trying to balance 2 core sets and an expansion is tough.

Note: I'm staying away from the "Forever Evil" set because we don't play it enough to merit a whole other rule set.

Thanks Duders!

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@datarez: Oh man I didn't even know there was a list! Thanks for the link! I guess I'll be returning Uncharted if it isn't on the list :(

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So I decided to grab this while it was 20 dollars off (and it still is) on Amazon. I like the 3DS better as a portable platform because they seem to have games designed better for the platform, not console games shrunk down for handhelds. That said with the PSTV I can now play Vita games on my TV.

I've checked out a couple of games first and the quality seems fine, and being able to use a DS4 controller is AMAZING compared to the thumbsticks on the vita.

Vita and PSTV owners, what games would you recommend? So far I've got Batman Blackgate and Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

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@theht: Star Wars subtitles are always dumb. We need to make peace with the fact that they all sound like 1960's B movie sci-fi titles. Is that a bad thing? Hell no!