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Glory Days: Arcadecraft Review 0

originally published on www.KnownGriefers.comThere's nothing quite like an old school video arcade. Unfortunately, these dens of teenage iniquity are quickly disappearing from the modern landscape. That's where Arcadecraft steps in. If you've ever dreamed of running your own videogame haven, this is the game for you.Dim lights, thick smoke, loud music, and the foul stench of body odor. Somehow, these were all okay when you found yourself glued to the hottest new game in your local video arcade. ...

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Time to Play the Game 0

Originally posted on www.knowngriefers.comCan you smell it, brother?! Chris is back with another wrestling review, this time for WWE '13.Last year, the WWE series underwent a significant overhaul. What was formerly the SmackDown! Series, dating all the way back to the PSone, was rebranded as WWE ’12. Along with the name change, fairly major changes were also made to the gameplay systems and overall presentation. While WWE ’12 was certainly a step in the right direction, it still suffered from so...

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Garden of Eden 0

Originally posted on www.knowngriefers.comUtterly. Batshit. Insane. There is really no other way to convey the wild storytelling of Assassin’s Creed III. After spending the past three games with Ezio Auditore, ACIII finally introduces new protagonists, not the mention an entire New World. The time-bending meta-story of Desmond Miles is also heavily featured, eventually wrapping itself around into the present day. Multiple location shifts span decades, making Assassin’s Creed III feel like the mo...

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A Very Late, and Far Too Personal Review of THPS HD 0

Originally posted on: knowngriefers.comWhile very late, Chris had a lot to say about Robomodo's recent release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD. The original games have become celebrated classics, and THPS HD looks to introduce those games to a new generation. Or perhaps to sell those games again to nostalgic twentysomethings? Either way, it's not very good. Read on for a very long and rambling look at what exactly went so wrong here.The original Tony Hawk's Pro Skater changed my life.Yes, I know th...

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Inside Man: Sleeping Dogs Review 0

Originally posted on www.KnownGriefers.comSleeping Dogs has the distinction of possibly having the most convoluted journey to store shelves that has ever produced a quality game. Just this past year, we saw an example of what typically happens when a game with a troubled development cycle is finally released: the abysmal Duke Nukem Forever. Put that abomination out of your mind, though, as Sleeping Dogs rises from the ashes to reach amazing heights. United Front Games and Square Enix have given ...

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Kill Them All...Again! 0

Originally posted on's been eagerly awaiting the release of Orcs Must Die! 2 ever since he first laid hands on it at PAX East. Was it worth the wait? Does it live up to expectations? Read on to find out!Well, it's been a little less than a year since the Original Orcs Must Die! was released. While I greatly enjoyed the original game, I had a few minor gripes. I was predictably excited to play a demo of the sequel at this year's PAX East, and I came away very happy with...

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"GODDAMN IT!" Trials Evolution Review 0

originally posted on KnownGriefers.com"GODDAMN IT!" Trials Evolution ReviewYears after the release of Trials HD, RedLynx has unleashed another monster upon Xbox Live Arcade. Trials Evolution is the next step for the franchise, and a true "EVOLUTION" of the...ugh. Nevermind, I'm not even going to sink low enough to make that pun. Trials Evolution is a goddamned son of a bitch, and I mean that in the best way possible.At i...

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Mass Effect 3: A Man on a Mission 0

ooriginally posted here: the Great Space Coaster as Chris takes you through both Parts 1and 2 of his two-part Mass Effect 3 review! It's fairly spoiler-free, but be warned, you're on your own!Mass Effect 3 is a study in opposites. That is to say, what you will get out of the experience relies very strongly on what expectations (and game saves) you are bringing in with you. Chances are, you're either jumping out of...

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Blitz is Back, But is it any good? 0

Originally posted at: spent some time with the new downloadable version of NFL Blitz from EA Sports. Does it live up the the nostalgia it induces? Almost certainly not, of course! But still, here are his thoughts after a few hours with it!I played a lot of NFL Blitz in the late 1990s. I can still vividly recall the new multiplex in the local mall having a huge grand opening celebration, my favorite part of which was the new NFL Blitz 99 machin...

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Cult of Personality: WWE '12 Review 0

If you’re a fan of wrestling games, there’s a good chance you have very strong opinions. There are very few genes in gaming that inspire such slavish devotion to one franchise as wrestling games do. If you thought the war of words between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 was a bloodbath, you haven’t been caught in the middle of a NeoGaf debate between Fire Pro Returns and Virtua Pro Wrestling 2. Fortunately, for the not crazy people out there, you don;t really need to know all that much to enj...

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Save Your Pennies 0

Save Your Pennies: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection ReviewMortal Kombat fans have been waiting years to see the original trilogy released on the current generation of systems. They may want to hold their breaths a little while longer, though. The recently released Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection has got some major baggage.Earlier this Spring, I got my first up-close look at the recent Mortal Kombat reboot. The game had a large presence at PAX East 2011, including a huge logo banner hung from the ...

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An Epic Finale 0

Better late than never! Friend-of-the-site Adam Marcey takes a break from his months-long obsession with Gears of War 3 to give us an in-depth review. Be sure to check back in a few days, when Adam will take on Modern Warfare 3.Gears of War was the first game I purchased for Xbox 360 back in 2007 (yes I know, it took me awhile to take the plunge) and I loved it. For my first next-gen console gaming experience I was absolutely blown away. The Unreal engine worked beautifully for the cover-based t...

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WHERE ARE THEY?! Arkham City Review 0

The follow up to Arkham Asylum has some pretty big boots to fill. With Arkham City, Rocksteady has shown how you do a sequel to a masterpiece.In August 2009, the unthinkable happened. A videogame based on a licensed comic book character was released, and was not terrible. In fact, it was the opposite of terrible. Batman: Arkham Asylum was the pinnacle of superhero games, and was Game of the Year for many gamers and critics. Developer Rocksteady Games had come from relative obscurity to release o...

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Oh God Why?! Austin Powers Pinball 0

  It’s the summer of 2011. Not many things could be further from the cultural zeitgeist than Austin Powers, pinball, and the originalSony Playstation.  I’d argue that this was also true in 2002, but that didn’t stop Gotham Games from sharting this game out on an unsuspecting gaming populace that had more than likely already sold their PSone for cocaine money or tickets to the Creed farewell tour.     I fatefully stumbled onto this gem at a yard sale, where I purchased it for a dollar, alon...

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