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That's a good question. I was thinking of getting the B8 to save money as well, and since I'm just going to turn off most off the image processing stuff when I watch movies would having a C8 over a B8 really matter that much? Unless it matters for games?

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I've been catching the Beastcast here and there and they referencing their LG OLED TV quite often. I'm not sure which episode started all this, but I don't think they ever give the specific model number (or maybe I just missed that episode). My TV is probably 10 plus years old at this point, and it's time for an upgrade; is this the TV they've been talking about?

If it is, for the folks who already own this TV, do y'all have any complaints?

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Hey guys, I'm sure a lot of you are no stranger to multi-display set-ups for your PCs, so I guess I'm hoping I could find something here that would point me in the right direction. Currently I have a GeForce GTX 570 in my computer and I'm running two monitors off of it; the tricky part is now I'm also trying to hook up TV using a DVI splitter, dupicating my Dell 2209WA. Currently I'm still waiting for the DVI-HDMI cable to arrive, so I decided to hook-up the splitter in advance. But for whatever reason the DVI splitter seems to be squeezing the resolution on my second monitor. I could fix this issue by going to the menu on my monitor and re-detect the input source, however the issue returns whenever I turn off and on my monitor.

So far I haven't had any luck googling this particular issue; there are many people who's second or third display won't show up using a DVI splitter, but none that I've see squeezes their resolution. Is it because I'm only using one of two ports on the splitter at the moment? And what are some of the other issues you guys have run into trying to hook up your TV? Anyways, I'm pretty clueless when it comes to these audio visual issues, any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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started listening when it was still arrow pointing up podcast. but yeah, great podcast, listen to them on the bus all the time.