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3...2...1.. DRAW! 0

This is the RDR experience when it comes to single player most the time. Graphic - 9.8/10Sound - 10/10GamePlay - 9.9/10Story Telling - 9.8/10Customization - 7.5/10Graphics:I've had some superb experiences with this game, be it the amazing muscle detail of a Steed, maybe the tattered and blood stained look to clothes after a battle, possibly even one of the many majestic wild life sceneries.Some of the most realistic old time buildings and atmospheres that i've been in ever, It's pushing the bar ...

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Comic-Goodness In Turn-Based Action. 0

  Graphic - 7.5/10Sound - 9.0/10GamePlay - 8.5/10Story Telling - 8.5/10Customization - 7.5/10Graphics:The game has a very wacky comic book appeal to it, I will admit that i've seen flash games on user made sites that have better graphics, but this technically wasn't enough to turn me away from it.The games whole angle is to make you feel like you're living in a comic book world, with big robots and crazy clown/mime people who want to seemingly take over your world, or house as the case may be.I...

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Are you afraid of the dark? 2

  've only had a brief experience with this game, everything else factual information.Graphic - 9.2/10Sound - 9.0/10GamePlay - 9.2/10Story Telling - 10/10Customization - 0/10Graphics:This games main focus is making everything look crisp and visuals are about 45% of the game, the clear graphics enhance the feeling of your Shadow-Like adversaries and everything just really plays out to be pretty gritty.The light effects and shadow texturing of the game is one of the best that i've seen for quite ...

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