My Top Ten 2015

A list of my ten favorite games this year.

List items

  • A clear winner. I was honestly not hoping for much when I picked this up, day of release, but by god was I wrong. The game is simply amazing, the soundtrack is great and the gameplay is amazingly tight. Fair enough, the game is not perfect, most of the Quiet-scenes left me more uncomfortable than whatever they were hoping for and the game ended pretty abruptly. I still feel the urge to jump back and go for the 100%, something I rarely do.

  • From software knows how to crank the difficulty up and still make it pleasing. This years addition to the series was no exception. Now, please note that I have not finished it yet, but after 50 hours in this game, I am pretty sure of my choice.

  • Will I ever actually finish this? I have no idea. 90 hours in, and I have barely made it to Skellige. Still, the game has so many beautiful things going for it. Every side-story has more story than many other major releases this year have combined, the world seems like a real place, where magic and supernatural creatures would in fact exist. I have no issue with this game being ranked third on my list.

  • What's that? I can make my own Mariolevels and laugh as my friends jump of a platform, only to have them hit an invisible block and plummet to their demise, alienating them even further? This may be one of the greatest things ever to happen to me.

  • There is something to be said for a game like this. A platformer, rapidly increasing in difficulty, the controls not always as tight as you would want them, but still, oh my god, this game is amazing. The animation is beautiful on the characters and the world looks fantastic. Add some pretty great power-ups and there you have it. And don't even try to say that the opening cut-scene did not touch you at all. Because if it didn't, you may be dead, I'm so sorry.

  • I am a huge sucker for the Mortal Kombat series, and I may be one of the only people alive who would defend Mortal Kombat Armageddon, but I think a lot of you will agree, this game is still pretty great. Say what you will about the story-mode, something I feel works perfectly, as NetherRealms proves that a fighting-game can still have an alright story, but the actual gameplay, the fighting, that is where the game comes alive. I may be yelling bullshit alot, and I may not understand entirely why Reptile was left out this time, but I have had hours of fun playing this online and with friends (Sometimes even with friends online!).

  • I know that technically, this came out last year, but the PS4version came out this year, so that's the one I'm counting. And shouldn't I? And shouldn't I add this to the list? This game is great! It's incredible. Gone are any sort of resemblance to and modern day game. Suddenly, I'm 6 again, playing Duck-Tales and Chip & Dale on my best friends NES. The game is so perfectly challenging that I may want to add this to next years Game of the year too. Can I do that now? Please?

  • I love Dragon-Ball. There, I said it. And this game is great. There, I said that too.

  • So I attached a guys face to a helicopterblade with a tether, right? An enemy soldier ran to the helicopter and started taking off and the guy who was attached to the blade spun around and hit the helicopters rear rotor. The helicopter spun out of control and managed to hit another enemy helicopter. This helicopter crashed into me and flung me across the base, where a tank decided to just blow up, taking out my last objective in the base. This game is so fun.

  • Finally, a fresh breath of air into the zombie survival genre. Slightly buggy? Sure. A story, filled with cliches? Oh, you betcha. But did I mention that you and three other friends can dropkick zombies across the street? That you get a great feeling parkour mechanic, with upgrades that actually matters? Three talent trees that can all be fully upgraded? And did I mention the dropkick?