Persona 4 - The First 5 Hours

I really like this game. Well, I liked it from the start, but now I love it. It took a while before the actual game started, and I'm not sure if I'm even there yet, but the opening part was nice to play through. Once I could go into battle on my own, it felt a little boring, like most RPGs(and pop songs) would without a nice hook. I needed the battle stuff  to click, such as knocking down an enemy and using the "One More" to knock down another one, then chaining them together to do an all-out attack. Then, once that was in place, the sucked me in with it's big hook, the high school aspect. I didn't think I would enjoy this part as much, but I love it. I love going to clubs, I love making Social Links with people, I love having to manage my time. It is kind of nice when the story elements pop-up, but sometimes I just want to keep doing the high school part, but the game pushes me towards the battles. I can't wait to see what this game brings next, what opportunities will be presented to me, and of course, what Personas I will be able to make.