Giant Bomb Video Bumpers

Hey there, folks!

I created a bunch of video bumpers around some down time in December. I've never really liked the one GB uses right now, I mean those have been used since forever, they could use an update. So, I grabbed the awesome illustrations @supernormalstep created and made something with it. I was going to make new illustrations, but I just wanted to get the idea out quick. Anyways, I forgot to post them but since Jeff got this question on tumblr;

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I remembered that had these lying around. *Try not to get dizzy by these, maybe view them through the gallery.

Patrick Quicklook.
Patrick Quicklook.
Breaking Brad/ Dota or whatever else Brad streams.
Breaking Brad/ Dota or whatever else Brad streams.

For the livestreams/marathons.
For the livestreams/marathons.

This bumper is to tell us who's in the quicklook.
This bumper is to tell us who's in the quicklook.

I love Mondays!
I love Mondays!

So, that's the general idea. I'm thinking of cooking up another batch. If you guys have suggestions/ critiques/ ideas say so in the comment section or inbox me.


Coafi's Top 10 Games of the Year.

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Hello, everyone! I saw most of the community was doing one of these, so I decided to jump on the boat and join the fun.

I always rate games in terms of experience, how much time I enjoyed my time with the game. Then, I take into account; story, gameplay, polish, sound and you know all the little details that make the experience whole.

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Before GTA V came out, I wasn't even on that damn hype bandwagon. I thought to myself it can't be terrible, but it's not going to be amazing, there's always something. It took me by surprise how good this game really is, the experience as a player to be given so much freedom within the world is something that I recommend everyone to try out. The game is not perfect, little things like not being able to explore certain areas without alerting the army/ police is a bummer, and at least we could have gotten one mission in that damn prison. There are some things that don't feel complete like Franklin's story, and the amount of heists, planning them was neat but I wanted more heists. Perhaps DLC will complete those chunks that I feel are missing. Last but not least, the online portion of this game took a few days of my life that I'll never get back (around 90 hours of playtime), time well spent, I had a lot of fun playing with the GB community. It started like a broken mess and it still is broken in a lot of places, but I had fun and that's what counts.

2. The Last of Us

This game has been in a lot of GOTY lists and with good reason. I can't vouch for Naughty Dog's "quality", as some people call it, out of all of their games I've only played Uncharted and Crash Bandicoot 2. When I played Uncharted around 2010, I just thought it was a lame Indiana Jones/ Tomb Raider clone, the game just didn't click with me and it gets really weird around the end. When I first saw the trailers for The Last of Us, I repressed all the Uncharted memories, and I crossed my fingers and hoped that this game would be a new take on the post-apocalyptic world. That would mean, little resources and not completely useless but less powerful protagonists. The game certainly got right those details that I wanted and it also achieved a lot more with its story and interesting gameplay.

3. BioShock Infinite

BioShock was a very special game for me, the way the narrative was told, the setting, the twist, the art deco, etc. This time around I ventured the skies, threw a ball to an interracial couple and collected hot dogs from trash cans.

4. The Stanley Parable

Well, this sure is a strange game. I won't spoil anything, I'm not sure it can be spoiled either way. The Stanley Parable simply works because of the narrator, his dialogue and tone are what makes the game so great. If it were not for this omnipresent English man guiding me in this office, I don't think would care this much about this game. In the end, what matters most is the journey not the destination, or is it the other way around?

5. Cook, Serve, Delicious!

I might be an alright cook in real-life, but in Cook, Serve, Delicious! I keep getting offers to be on TV show, and people keep sending me pictures of the dishes I prepared so I would give them a "thumbs up". I have a one-star rated restaurant and even some muggers have started showing up, they must think I have money or something. When you operate the restaurant you only use your keyboard (you can use your mouse but you won't have the same speed as you do with a keyboard) and when trying to dish out orders as fast as you can, you'll run the risk of serving tomatoes in that salad, when the customer specifically asked for just ranch and cheese.

6. Spelunky

Ok, I'll admit it, I'm terrible at platformers. So, when I play Spelunky I die a lot. Those damn bats keep biting me because I don't whip them fast enough.

7. Gone Home

I played this game in the dark all by myself with headphones on. I explored every little corner of the house, when I entered any room I immediately turned on all of the lights. What I love about this game, it is its atmosphere, how ominous the house felt. I was constantly asking if I was alone or not, where's that damn ghost I keep hearing about, and is this family dead. I don't know why at one point I thought the family was dead.

8. State of Decay

This game could have been my GOTY if it weren't for the horrible bugs/glitches/framerate drops/ texture pop-in and what ever else currently plagues this game. Yes, zombie games are abundant these days and are already stale. But this game is more about the survival aspect, you have to deal with survivors, help them out, send them out to scavenge for supplies and even take them out when they become infected. If I could have a zombie game for the rest of my life this would be it.

9. Papers, Please

A game about stamping passports. Also, there's a lady who keeps trying to smuggle guns, no way I'm letting that happen! Glory to Arstotzka!

10. Rogue Legacy

Ugh, this game kicks my ass. I already told you I'm horrible at platformers. I have terrible reflexes so I die constantly in this game. When Rogue Legacy came out, I didn't pay much attention to it, the art style didn't appeal to me at all and I just thought it was too hard for me. I'm glad I gave it a chance, I love my gassy knights even if sometimes they are dyslexic or just traverse the castle upside down.

Disappointment of the Year

The Cave: How could this game be that bad? It had promise and it sounded like fun, but playing The Cave is not fun, not at all. If you want to see the story to all of the characters you'll be replaying the same puzzles again and again. I think this game was not designed for a single player, going through a puzzle by yourself is a drag, because you need to change characters constantly they don't follow whichever character you are handling. Unless you get to a checkpoint then they all reunite, but for solving puzzles you have to drag each character individually and every character walks slow. But the puzzles are alright, this was not the adventure game I was expecting and gave up on the game around 4 hours or so.

Games that I wanted to play but didn't

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (I was waiting on a sale, and it's now coming to PS+), Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Still sealed), Outlast (No PC), Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies (No 3DS), Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (No 3DS), Animal Crossing: New Leaf (No 3DS)

*Pardon any terrible errors that might appear in this humble blog.

I think that's it, I hope I didn't bore you too much. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, duders!

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