Expected Games of 2010

List items

  • Okay, so maybe I just got around to playing the first one this summer...and I'm not too psyched about the addition of a reload system...but still, Bioware has never failed me.

  • Okay, I'm a fanboy. Sue me

  • It's about time Sony lost their exclusive....I've been waiting since FFX, which happened to coincide with me abandoning my last Sony console...

  • Crackdown was my first real 360 game after Burnout Paradise, and I played that for enough hours to be excited for this one.

  • This time, I'll actually have people exploring Rapture with me at the same time...hell yeah

  • It's a DICE shooter. I mean, come on.

  • I never finished the first one...it got a bit repetitive for me...but maybe they fixed it!

  • Zombehs. Lots of Zombehs.

  • And by Gears 2, I mean Gears 3, it just won't let me suggest it. Everyone knows its coming, so lets do this

  • And the only thing coming in 2010 that will probably enhance my PS3 collection...