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Games I've Beaten During the Year of 2013 a.k.a. Year of the Bow: For Real This Time

So I figured I'd finally use the list function and keep track of the games I've beat this year. Having something to add the titles to might actually somehow push me to going through a larger part of my backlog? I hope? I'll try my best to keep this updated anyway. I've ordered them by date beaten oldest to newest and added little blurbs about my feelings on each game.

List items

  • This really started to drag towards the end, but it was still fun as my first Vita game. 3/5.

  • A fun little mechanic, but the story ends so abruptly and cuts you off right as you finally have all these powers and it seems like it's going to really go somewhere which bummed me out. It feels like they intend to have a sequel by the time the end credits surprisingly roll, and with Kat showing up in various other games I assume she won't be forgotten soon. Hopefully this will lead to an even more fleshed out game that will address the issues this one had. 3/5.

  • An amazing little rhythm based platformer, made even sweeter by being a crossbuy deal with tons of user created levels. 5/5.

  • Uhhh... So I played this twice and put 150 hours into it. If you're on Giantbomb I assume you know it's pretty good already.... 5/5.

  • Ok, well, I'm counting this because I beat the story mode of the Vita version this year. I did play through it on the PS3 back in 2011 so, especially comparatively, the textures suck on the Vita, but all the backgrounds are still animated, the framerate is just fine, and it plays just like it's supposed to. 4/5.

  • This game satisfied a craving that I'd been having for a while. It's really atmospheric, the story can be a little silly at times but I still like it, it's fun to just run around and explore the world, and that bow is the most fun I've had in a third person shooter in quite a while. 5/5.

  • Eff the haters, this game is tons of fun and to be quite frank I really liked this new Dante by the end of the game. Juggling enemies and pulling off combos is extremely satisfying as well. The story felt kind of plodding throughout the majority of the game but the overall excellent level design and the kick ass cinematic before the real final boss just left me with a big grin on my face as the game concluded. 4/5.

  • I really liked how cinematic this game was. ... 4/5?

  • On paper, this game shouldn't have even been released with it's crazy development history. Even still, as a released product it should have just feel completely derivative and bland but with things like a great cast, a previously untapped setting, open world mechanics that have been polished to a shine and the tale of an undercover cop all merge seamlessly to create an amazing game. 5/5.

  • My god, that story mode was ddduuummmbbbbb. But like, the good dumb. It's pretty cool that the Games on Demand version of DC2 imported, as well! The music isn't really my taste, but it's great fun to play when you have a bunch of people around who are hot garbage at rock band. 4/5.

  • Holy SHIT. 5/5. That ending. That twist! I thought I got the twist. AND THEN THERE WAS THE REAL TWIST. Ahhhhhh it was so good. Man this game is so good. PLAY THIS GAME.

  • This game is super flashy, and great fun. I love NetherRealm's work and the while yes, the story mode is very much a "Comic Book Story" it does a great job of creating a narrative that has quite a few good story beats and is able to introduce you to a bunch of the playable characters. I haven't played enough of the multiplayer to say one way or the other, but aside from having my ass just absolutely handed to me it seems like it could be great fun with a group of evenly skilled friends. 4/5.

  • I consider this beaten because I got all of the unlocks. It's... an okay game? I have no point of reference since I never play poker or anything, but I do have an affinity for quite a few of these characters. The generic banter in game starts to wear EXTREMELY quickly, but some of the prolonged conversations are actually quite funny. I ended up just muting the game and playing through for the unlocks and now I plan to never touch this game again. 3/5.

  • Fuck this game? Yeah fuck this game. 5/5.

  • I played through Black 2. Having older pokemon being available from the beginning helped me from getting burned out due to a lack of type variety. It's better than B/W. The formula is definitely quite a bit tired at this point, unfortunately. Hopefully X/Y is more than just a graphical overhaul. 4/5.

  • Yeah, this is on the list too, of course.

  • I'm putting this on here, because after months and 100+ hours played I'm pretty much done with all that I feel like doing with this game. Was fun while I could stand it, though!

  • I played through Pokemon X. The game feels really fresh, even if it's just the same. The post-game feels extremely sparse though, which is a huge bummer. 4/5.

  • The game is really fun, controls well and the art style is pretty killer for a $15 downloadable game. I picked the "good" ending, and it ties up nicely with a decent little cutscene there too. 5/5.

  • 4/5. This game is pretty good! The writing is pretty much on-point and the humor is there as well. Even though I haven't really played a LEGO game since the first Star Wars games, the gameplay and combat did start to grate on me towards the end of the 8 - 10 hours or so it took to beat the single player missions. It LOOKS fantastic too. If you like Marvel, obscure references, and can put up with the gameplay that is still very much unchanged then I definitely would recommend this. (It's also cheaper on the PC I'm pretty sure?)

  • Man this game is great. The frantic gameplay, the amazing music. It helps that Drive is one of my favorite movies of the past few years. Took me a while to actually beat it, but, 5/5.

  • As a whole it’s not better than AA or AC but at the very least the story is a more interesting ride than the one found in Arkham City. The world, levels, and carbon-copy gameplay from AC though just feel underwhelming and tired. I dunno man. It’s alright. If you have a spare 7 - 8 hours to plow through the story and like these games go for it, but if you thought B:AC was towing a line and was already in need of something “more” or new, B:AO isn’t going to do anything for you at all. Plus, oh man, I ran into hellof technical issues in the PC version. Eesshh.

    3.5/5, I guess?

  • I kind of wish this game wasn't an Assassin's Creed game? It still starts out a little slow as well, but picks up MUCH faster than 3 did. The modern day portions and the unlockables therein are pretty great if you've been following the series since the beginning, or at least since 2. It's not the best game by far, (That still belongs to Brotherhood, by the way), but the protagonist is much more likeable and the world is at the very least much prettier than pre-colonial America. 4/5.

  • 5/5. Wow. This game is... something else. Also, for what it's worth, it's probably my GoTY.