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Game Idea Number 2

So there aren't many WWI fps's that i know of. A year or two ago the was a working title called End War i was pretty hopeful for it. My idea is a battlefield style WWI shooter/fighter sim. The maps would be huge like battlefield so the trenches would be able to be traversed inside and out in no mans land. No mans land just gives you such a larger chance of dying. The story follows two cousins one who is a pilot and one who is an infantrymen. The war is followed through the beginning till the end and the landscape reflects how bad the war is at any point in time. the fighter pilot portion would be semi limited but would hopefully be liked and could be put more in the follow up. The follow up could be from the german side. multiplayer would be difficult because it will be very close combat unless you're brave enough to brave no mans land where mortars and artillery shells blasting all around.


Video game Idea Number 1

Its a fighter simulator where you start in WWI and progress following the story or each one's son through Modern and then future aerial battles. Starting in WWI you follow the story and progression through the quick advancing technology of the airplane. In WWII you play as a an american who flies for the the British and get moved back to an american squadron later in the war. That character then flies in Korea after having two sons. He dies in Korea which causes his sons to join the air force one as a helicopter pilot and the other a fighter pilot. The next generation flies in missions over the middle east. And with the last generation the player flies combat missions in a WWIII type situation.


Dante's Inferno

I like this game but it frustrates me when the checkpoints are as rare as they are. I love the story and feel bad for Dante but I really feel that everything is brought upon him by himself. I feel that this is a game that must be played with the lights off. Its a lot of fun but I easily find myself frustrated not because its hard but because I don't always know which way to go.


Another official stance

 JUSTIN BIEBER!! I hate Justin Bieber. He has not had a single hit he has only had songs popular with little 12 years olds. Whenever he is compared to the Beatles I get sick to my stomach. The Beatles have had dozens of hits that span multiple years and have been relevant to multiple generations. The Beatles could look at any girl and say her and just like that have her Justin could go up to any eleven year old and be arrested. So the Beatles are AMAZING and Justin Bieber is APPALLING. Microsoft word recognizes the Beatles as a word but not Bieber. I LOVE THE BEATLES. 


Collin's Blog

Okay so I am officially taking a stance against achievements that require you to go and shoot 200 pigeons or find a bunch of feathers. But the worst kind of this is the one found in Prince of Persia: the Forgotten Sands. This is a really good game but if you miss one of the 21 sarcophagi then you must restart the entire game over to get them. So on sarcophagi 19 i miss it. I had already played through once and then went through to get the sarcophagi and since I missed one of the last ones I was furious. Instead of throwing my controller which I considered I just took out the game and put it in its case. I was proud of my self-control.