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Best I've played 0

This Prince of Persia game was so much better than I had expected. My first experience with a Prince of Persia game was the 2008 game. I saw the Prince of Persia movie and this reminded me of it based on the look and feel of the game play. The story was very good and kept me wanting to play all day. I was really excited to play it again after I beat it. The game wasn't very long but was very fun. The only thing that I didn't like was destroying sarcophagi for one of the achievements. Overall thi...

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Please stop 0

The history channel's Battle for the Pacific is the worst game I have ever played. The physics are terrible and the grenades go the exact same angle no matter how you're positioned. I bought this game with high hope and was very disappointed when i beat it in about 4 hours of game play on hard. However since I didn't complete it on hard in one sitting I didn't receive my 100 g achievement. Overall this game has a bad story, bad graphics, and bad overall gun handling. I don't thinkĀ  you'll ever w...

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One of the Greatest Games on the 360 0

At first I hated Oblivion, but after I continued to play it I found it more and more enjoyable to play. I rented it and by the end of the third day I was dead set on returning it. I forced myself to play more and after about five or six hours of play time I was well established as a character and engulfed in the story. I continued playing and bought it immediately after I returned it. The story is very good and the side quest help make your character more power with stronger abilities and allian...

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