Assrape week?

 Am I the only one here who, for the past week or so, has had their buttocks filled by a guy who just respawned behind you? Because it's been happening to me with frightening consistency. Like, every 20 to 25 seconds, someone'll spawn behind me and tear me a new one. Probably about 80% of my deaths, disregarding killstreaks, in the past 5 days have been from people randomly spawning on me in this manner.
This has gotten very annoying, as it makes my main playstyle, run-and-gun, pathetically unsuccessful. Changing up my playstyle to more of a campy or stealthy approach does not seem to help either, as here also the respawn system loves to screw me over by respawning next to me the one trigger happy LMG sprayer who does nothing but make everyone look in my direction
I've been playing Team Deathmatch Express over regular Team Deathmatch lately also... maybe it's related to that?