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Here's to new locks and cars lost...

ColMustard 7:30 am... ZZZZZzzzzzz.........        *SCREEEAAMMM*      "what is it honey...?"  ColMustards Wife: "My car is gone!!!!!!!!"

Are you kidding me... how the hell does a fucking car just get up and walk away from your driveway while your sleeping?  Assholes, thats how.
In case my soapboxing is unreadable, my wifes car got stolen yesterday morning and I'm pretty upset about it.  We live in a very nice neighborhood, quiet, kids playing, people walking their dogs and someone  walks up to my house and steals my wifes car.  Whats worse, they stole another car just to get to my car, leave the other car and steal mine.  Needless to say, my day yesterday consisted of changing every lock on my house, new garage doors openers and arming an alarm.  arg... humanity is so lost.