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Kevin Periera just talked me into buying Too Human...

Too Human was a game I'd been waiting for since about 05'.  Say what you want about 10 year dev. and such, I've been interested in the game since the launch of the 360.  I like Silicon Knights games (Eternal Darkness is one of the best games Ive ever played).  I actually think Dennis Dyack is a pretty respectable guy, who speaks his mind.  I loved the demo... loved it.  So, why then was I sitting around doubt whether or not to buy this game?  Review sites... Gamespot... Game Informer... etc.... I'm breaking my most fundamental rule... I'LL be the judge!  When I saw a 5.5 from Gamespot last night I said, wow!! this game is Jeckel and Hyde because that demo I played was AAA quality.  I'm confused, until the most unlikely of supporters reminded me why I waited so long for this game... enter Kevin Periera.  The co-host of Attack of the Show on g4 drops this megaton of reality into my lap and he completely illigitimizes almost every major review publication going. 

It was a shot of reality that this game needed to remind us that these reviewers have one lonely little opinion and that ours is just as powerful.  I like reading reviews, always will, but sorry, Im going with my gut on this one... Too Human is a buy for me.

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