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My Top 5 Favorite Consoles

1 being my all time favorite.

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  • What started it all for me. Pitfall, Seaquest, Jungle Hunt, Kangaroo etc... It was my first taste of the hobby... Still a great console. I firmly believe you can settle any dispute over a game of Combat.

  • The true power house of the recent generation... Its potential never truly realized, the Xbox had some outstanding generation defining games, Bioware's full support and Live. Awesome!

  • So many games... so much fun. The NES was a hobby changing masterpiece that really blew the doors off the hobby for me. I still say some of the best games ever made are on this little gray box. Please don't pass out trying to blow on the cartridge...

  • The next installment of the Xbox, the 360, maybe the finest gaming experience to date... Its the first console that you sometimes turn on not knowing what you'll play... you just want to play some xbox. Amazing games, amazing online, dynamite wireless controllers... through and through a winner.

  • Number 1... the SNES. I bought it with my own money when I was younger. 209 bucks if I remember. I waited years for it. I loved it and it never let me down. So many amazing experiences its hard to describe. From Zelda to Final Fantasy 2... it just had everything! The best console, ever.