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Most Badass Characters

These characters usually have no regard for life, go on killing sprees, have the best moves, or go through Hell a couple times.

List items

  • He's actually FROM Hell. What more do you need?

  • Doomguy will make you his bitch! He takes on the forces of Hell probably on 3 canonical occasions. It doesn't matter how hurt he is, his bloodied psychotic grin will put any demon it it's place.

  • No description.... needed.

  • Immediately upon entering the village, one guy shows hostility towards him. So what does he do? He mercilessly slaughters the whole village. He doesn't even make it fair. They have hatchets and sickles, he has shotguns and rocket launchers. That and he gets shot and just goes and kills William Birkin. And if certain people happen to be playing RE2, odds are they didn't make Leon leave the MAC-10 or the Backpack for Claire.

  • Don't fuck with Mayor Haggar.

  • Where would Mario be without Yoshi? He eats people! His cute appearance is just a trick, first you want to give him a hug, then you end up with missing limbs that Yoshi devours and reproduces from eating you. He's the only character whoever pooped me off a stage.

  • He makes people go 'splode. His defending skills are unmatched by anyone. He can remotely kill anyone who steps onto his territory.... Then he can kill you twice at your spawn point. Have fun trying to get away from Demoman.