Humble Non-Game Indie Bundle

I did not see a topic about this in the Humble Indie Bundle forum, so I thought I might as well write a little blog about it, just to get my "blog-writing-feet" wet (because obviously I type with my feet).

I'm really happy that the Humble Bundle has been expanding into other territories besides games. The Internet, I believe, has been becoming an even more powerful tool for indies over the past few years (e.g., Kickstarter, Indie Royale, Amazon self-publishing etc.), and having more well known programs and sites support them, I think, is a very helpful way to get the word out. My favorite books of the past year has been the Wool series by Hugh Howey (very addicting books, in my opinion), who is an author who has garnered some success recently for his independently published books (and a potential movie deal). Once I get my paycheck I’m probably going to get the Humble eBook Bundle, too. You guys probably also already know they’ve done music, or included things like short independent films in game bundles as well. A bundle entirely dedicated to indie films might be a cool thing to happen, too...

Though, I do hope that the Humble Indie Bundle’s main output remains games, since that is what I love most, but I hope they never stop diversifying, too. But what do you guys think? Are you happy with these non-game bundles? Anyone know of any other famous independently published group package pay-what-you-want sites for books, music, movies, etc.? What other media would you like to see in the Humble Indie Bundle that they have not yet done? Do I ask too many questions?

Edit: Haha, I'll mark this blog post as "too many questions" and "uninspiring commentary" in my mind for future consideration.

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