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Finally, after weeks of late nights and hours upon hours of work, my new website is up and running! 
I shouldn't say my website, of course. For those who have been keeping tabs, a friend and I have a youtube channel Life's a Glitch TV. We were approached by a couple of gentlemen to start up a website together, and after a whole lot of work it's finally here! 
The site is called D2DGamer. No, not direct to drive haha. D2D stands for Day to Day, or the average every day game player. Since we do SC2 commentaries for the average joe we wanted to created a website and forum dedicated to giving the every day gamer a place to hang out, talk strategies, news, whatever really, without worrying about being told they're a newb or something by some elitist dude.  
So far things are going remarkably well. We only just set up last night and we're already got a number of active users. Everyone is really loving it so far, and I couldn't be more happy about it. 
If you want to check us out I would really love it. We're still working our butts off getting the groundwork done for the channel and the website but everything is coming together. I can't believe we've accomplished what we have in only a month's time. 
Link to the Website 
Link to the Channel 
If you guys have any questions just let me know here, or better yet drop them in the questions section of our forums :P 
That's it for now guys! I think I might actually go get some gaming done; it feels like it's been forever since I've actually played a game haha 
 Have a good one!