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Life's A Glitch TV Is Live!

...Ok maybe not live live, but the channel is open! 
For those of you who didn't catch my last blog post about it, LAGTV is a youtube channel ran by myself and a friend. We're doing SC2 commentary and strategies, game previews/trailer talks, reviews, and more if we can squeeze it all in. Here's the LAGTV 101 video: 

We had to re-do all our videos from before which is why it took so long to get content up. That's also the reason why we only have about half of what we had planned on uploading at this point but we're in the process of getting more up asap. Currently we have our intro video, about us video, trailer talk for Black Ops, and a Six pool strategy for SC2 so go check them out at our channel and subscribe if you dig it!  
There will be at least one SC2 commentary posted today at some point, and later next week we should have some video of the midnight launch of Black Ops as well as a review for it whenever we manage to get some time. Our first podcast might not happen for a while due to time constraints forced on me by university (damn them all) but it will happen hopefully within a month. 
If you went and checked us out thanks a million, and if you subscribed then I'll love you forever in the least most creepy way possible. 
If you have any questions about the channel or what we're doing, or if you have any suggestions just PM me or let me know in the comments below. 
ATTENTION! If you send us an SC2 saved replay of yours we'll more than likely do a commentary on it. If that sounds like a good time, send your replays to ! 
Have a good one!