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The D2DGamer Project Hits Version 2.0

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I have absolutely no idea where the last 3 months went. All I know is that for some reason people find our SC2 commentaries funny over at LAGTV, and we somehow pulled together a pretty awesome website with a steadily growing community. Here's an example of one of our features outside of normal commentaries at LAGTV. The series is called "When Cheese Fails" and is based on replays of...well....cheese failing. 
If you've been following my last few blogs you'll see I've been busy working away with a couple other guys trying to create a community for lower level SC2 players and any other every day gamer. D2D stands for Day to Day, and we generally are trying to provide a place where those gamers can go and not worry about elitist gamers raining on their parade while they have fun and try and learn some new stuff. 
The response has been great so far and we're about 650 members deep at this point. This post however, is to let everyone who may be interested know that after hours upon hours of work we finally got version 2.0 of up and running. 
The new site has way more features including social stuff like blogs, walls, groups, events etc that version 1.0 couldn't do. We're excited to see the community use these new features and to use them ourselves (the events thing makes our community game nights and tournaments MUCH easier). 
If you don't know what we're doing at LAGTV, I'll give you the short version. We cast replays sent in by the everyday SC2 player (basically anyone who's not playing professionally) and have lots of fun with it. We're not trying to be HD or Husky, and we're not the most knowledgeable players by ANY means but that's the whole idea in the first place. We hold monthly tournaments (currently working towards hosting EU tournaments) with prizes subsidized by donations from our totally awesome community and live stream them before doing actual casts of the major games. We co-founded D2DGamer with some awesome designers and fellow SC2 players and have been having a blast ever since. 
In any case, I just wanted to throw down a general update on how our little project is going. If you haven't already, I'd love to see some fresh faces around the forums! We'd be happy to have you. 
If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'd be happy to drop some knowledge. 
Have a good one!