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Wow, I'm impressed!

I'll apologize ahead of time if the blog title got your attention and you were hoping for something like...say, a half naked chick. Unfortunately for you, this is another blog about my computer (I swear this will be one of the last for a while haha).

After a talk with my bestest friend in the whole world when it comes to computer talk (and she's tolerable, which makes things better), Chili dragon, I found out that my CPU running at 68C at load is perfectly fine, I had to go and re-overclock.

I had reverted my clockings for fear of heat (I'm on stock cooling with air only), but low and behold my 3.6ghz overclock at 1.15 volts runs at basically the exact same why not?

I then got all brave and overclocked my GPUs as well. Again, they're idling at basically the same temp which is great (~40C, and ~46C at 50% fan speed). At load (running 3dmark06) they don't go above 70C which is apparently not bad at all for the cards. The only game I've seen make my cards go to the max I've seen of 72C is whatever. My core clocks are running at 735mhz, shader clock is at 1831mhz, and the memory clock is at 1030mhz. They won't go much higher than that without crashing, so it's awesome they stay so cool.

The WOW in the title is about my 3dmark06 point increase. At stock clocks on both my GPU and CPU, I was in the 13, or 14,000s. With these overclocks I'm getting 16,600 points! I'm super pleased with this, and I can see a fairly major difference in FPS in the harsh spots during the demo so this is great.

These little tweaks, coupled with a heatsink for my cpu which will be coming relatively soon, should give me a little extra juice to keep these "older" parts a bit longer before an upgrade. If I can keep the heat down, then these overclocks shouldn't shorten the life of the parts at all. In fact, with that heat sink, the CPU's life will only be increased. Huzzah!

Just in case you don't know what my computer is exactly (I copy blogs from gamespot to here, so many of you wouldn't) here are some specs:

EVGA nForce 750i FTW edition Motherboard

Wolfdale E8500 3.16ghz @3.6ghz

SLI EVGA 9800GT SC (OC in the text above)

4 gigs (2x2 gigs) Corsair XMS DDR2 1066 RAM

WD Cavier 640 GB HDD

Vista Home Premium

Anyway, I'm done rambling about my computer for a while. I'm still working through Persona 4 and will review it when I'm done.

Have a good one,