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13 proves again to not be so lucky. 0

 Few game franchises have been as successful over the years as Final Fantasy. It's impressive in its own right that we have now arrived at number 13, but does the now antiquated formula still hold up? Hold on to your hats, I'll be as fair and nice as I can be. I promise. The premise of Final Fantasy 13 is exactly what you would expect it to be. A mixed bag of characters, mostly dangling around their late teen years and into their early adult lives, has stumbled upon an unfortunate fate th...

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T.K. Baha plays this game -- so should you. 0

 Developers have been trying for years to combine popular genres with varying success. I can still remember a few years back seeing discussions about how obscene mashing two specific genres would be. Probably the most commented on was about first person shooters with role-playing conventions. It was a divided battle, some dead set on the idea that it could never work, while others were convinced that if done properly it could be as epic as a boy seeing his first pair of boobs. All this discussio...

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Go big or go home in this art house adventure. 1

 The good: Some of the best art direction you'll ever see; has the uncanny ability to tell a story without actually telling a story; will change the way you view the video games. The bad: Some of the control tweaks that are supposed to make your life easier don't always work so well; a tad on the repetitive side. Before Braid came on the scene and stirred up the now seemingly age old question "can games be art" thing, Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus (SOTC) arguably brought it to the mainstream...

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This lengthy JRPG is polished to a high gloss finish. 0

  Every once in a while, a game comes along that is so well done, and leaves you with such a good feeling upon completing it, that it makes reviewing it extraordinarily difficult. Persona 4 is one of those games. On occasion, a game flies under the radar, even to the hardcore lovers of the related genre. Persona 4 is one of those games. If you enjoy seeing a lot of harsh critiques in a review, this might be where you want to stop. Persona 4 is an exceptionally well put together game that even th...

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Kick up some dust in the third installment of Fallout. 0

A long time ago, in a vault far, far away, PC RPGs were peaking and the world was introduced to the world of Fallout. Success followed, and fast forwarding to today we have the third installment. Bethesda has taken the helm this time around, and even though many a die-hard fan worried themselves sick over this news, Fallout 3 didn't turn out so bad after all. The basic premise is that the world has had its butt handed to it through the liberal use of nuclear weaponry. Children cried, parents c...

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Castle Crash your way to an acid trip! 0

If you're a semi-aged gamer, or a gamer who was brought up on the old school stuff, hack 'n slash and beat'em ups are more than likely in your list of games played vigorously. After the gaming community was dragged out of the arcade era of console games, these genres faded out almost entirely. That stayed the case until Xbox Live Arcade and the other similar services of this generation were unleashed on the public. Now all the old school genres are coming back with a charge as smaller developers...

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Finish the fight on home turf 0

Every console has its signature series, or that one game that becomes synonymous with the system. For the Xbox, that series is of course Halo. Nobody expected it to turn out that way, but the unsuspected successes of Halo: Combat Evolved catapulted the game universe into stardom where it stands today.Halo 2, as people look at it now, was basically a shinier version of the original game with online multiplayer capabilities. It is also home to one of the most infamous cliffhanger endings ever devi...

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Massive Fun 0

Let's just get this out of the way now: Mass Effect lives up to the countless cliché names it has received since its release. Whether it is "Massively Awesome," or "Massively Effective," it is an experience that everyone should have. If it could be mandatory for a game to be mandatory -- Mass Effect should be it. That's a lot to say about a game, and though it may seem that it is a flawless piece of work, it's not – but it's damn close. For the most part though, Mass Effect brings some serious c...

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Close your eyes, you're dead. 0

In the gaming world there are a couple of different game types that you will notice. There are games that have some of the most mediocre graphics of its time but deliver in every other category. Then there are the games that have gorgeous visuals but seem to fail in one or more of the other categories. Assassin's Creed resembles the likes of the latter. That doesn't mean that the game isn't worth playing, because it is.The story isn't as mind blowing as Ubisoft probably hoped it would be – with ...

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Get Lost in this Odyssey 0

2008 is shaping up to be the year of the RPG. It's still early on and yet there are numerous titles being released across many platforms, the most interesting of them being the 360. Lost Odyssey isn't the first JRPG to grace the system, but it certainly is the best.Lost Odyssey follows the story of Kaim, an immortal who has walked the earth for a thousand years. The catch is that he seems to have lost his memories from that period of time. He is a mercenary, and a proficient one at that - he is ...

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