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  • Spent untold hours playing through Fallout 3,mainly just exploring every nook and cranny,so I can't wait to get my hands on a brand new area to scavange through.

  • Who isn't excited about a new Halo game?Especially one that plans to be more epic than the last,not counting ODST(that was an accident),add to that multiplayer I already know to be fun thanks to the only good part of ODST.Can't wait to play through the story and see what else the multiplayer has in store.

  • I'll admit it,I love me some Pokemon!Not ashamed,I think there good,quality games.Considering they're just including new Pokemon in this latest version and it has had another graphical update bringing it ever closer to proper 3D(plus it'll more than likely depute on the 3DS)and we finally have a Pokemon game to get excited about.

  • If this game is anywhere near as good as the last then I'll be happy...also I didn't mind the detective vision,did't feel like it took away from the game,it made me feel like Batman.

  • I love Warhammer & 40K,any game set in either universe is ok with me

  • See above statement^^

  • These guys just can't make a bad game!

  • The first was disappointing,the second was very disappointing...I've got high hopes for the third disappo...I mean installment,not sure why I keep doing this to myself.

  • I have yet to buy a music game past Guitar Hero 3 so I figure it's about time I just invested in one.

  • I realise it's not a game but it represents evry game I love being re-released on the 3DS,Ocarina of Time?Metroid? YES PLEASE!