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Growing Up Gaming

I was really fortunate as I was born right when gaming got it's start.  I can't believe the advances that have come from the "Big Bang" that was Atari.  I've owned a lot of different systems and seem a lot of great, and crap, games come out for every one of them.  In the past 30 years of gaming, there's been incredible innovation, a third coming of "The Everyone Has One" system in the Wii much like the NES and Atari before it, along with the true coming of the "It Does Everything" systems that have the built in ability to stream media, surf the internet, and interact with friends, wherever they may be.  That being said, I've been thinking a lot lately about where gaming is headed and where the time and energy that I have for gaming is going to go.    
Gaming is going to be constantly subjected to the continuous "Bigger and Better" advancements, but my question becomes "Will I?"  Much as an adult often finds himself entrenched in the music of  a particular generation, often where they first found their true identity, do I eventually give up the future and entrench myself in a particular generation of gaming?  When does that line get drawn?  Admittedly, as I start getting towards "mid-life", I often wonder how much interest I'm going to continue to have in the "Bright and Shiny" as opposed to playing games that I've enjoyed before, occasionally picking up a new title, but really not being as vested in the up and coming as I am now.   
I have no where near the time to complete all the games in my collection, and yet I continue to buy more.  Am I just a compulsive buyer of games, destined to continue to grow my library, even though I'll never finish them all, or will I find a place when I say "I'm good." and just stop.  I don't know which to hope for to be honest.  I love gaming on pretty much every system these days and continue to be very happy in supporting the medium, but much like someone who enjoys eating, at some point in time you have to put down the fork.