Is it really wise to incite civil war or threaten the President?

This is Vision to America:

Vision To America is a division of Christian Worldview Communications, LLC. Founded in 2006 by Gary DeMar and Brandon Vallorani, Vision to America exists to help America return to our Founding Father’s vision for a Christian Republic. America was once a light to the world—a place that God blessed with liberty and prosperity. Today, Americans are taught that the Almighty State has all the answers. As a result, our God-given liberties are being traded for a false sense of security. It is our Vision to see Americans once again recognize that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights and that this Creator is the God of the Bible.

Numerous Republicans have expressed discontent with the Supreme Court’s upholding of the Affordable Care Act, but it took a Tea Party leader to imply that the decision could justify a new Civil War.

Mississippi Tea Party Chairman Roy Nicholson posted a statement at his group’s website on Friday proclaiming that “the US Supreme Court has joined with the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government in abandoning the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and with that ruling abandoned the People.”

“The all out oppression of all people has begun,” Nicholson continued. “In such cases submission is treason. Treason against the Constitution and the valid legitimate government of the nation to which we have pledged our allegiance for years. To resist by all means that are right in the eyes of God is not rebellion or insurrection, it is patriotic resistance to invasion. . . . May godly courageous leaders rise up in His wisdom and power to lead us in displacing the criminal invaders.”

Firstly, insurrection? Civil War? The Supreme Court ruled it constitutional, but hey, let's not support the Supreme Court if it doesn't suit us.

All out oppression? Over health care? Really? Treason? Invasion? By who? Displacing the criminal invaders? Did I fall asleep and miss that monumental event?

This is vile and the rhetoric that is eminating from the far right. Does free speech really go to inciting civil war? If it does, then that is just crazy. However, it gets worse when you read comments from the supporters - caution, vile, racist language will follow, as well as comments supporting killing the President:

Impeach Obama now. Impeach Chief Justice Roberts and the three other liberals in the Supreme Court after the next election.

Only "GOD,GUNS,and GUTS" can save te "REPUBLIC" now !!

Perhaps. But whatever we do, don't give Obama an excuse too declare Martial Law!

Stop financing the Federal Reserve Corporation by not filing a 1040 (civil disobedience).

Invest in America, buy guns & ammo. (civil obedience, 2nd amendment). Save America, shoot a muslim. (civil moral, saving our Constitution). OBAMACIDE = THE DEATH OF AMERICA

Everytime the black communisty does not like a ruling of our courts they go on a rampage. Pillaging and killing and stealing and setting fires.. and then lo and behold suddenly they are heroes because they did it. Well, I think it is time all smart Amercans, those who have not bought into the idiocy of this closed, secretive and illegal Whitehouse, should start marching ourselves. Oh, and bring your weapons... time to stand up to the gorillas of the obama administration. Time the rest of us were heard and not just the black militants, the illegals who are sucking us dry... the gay community, altho I do know they are smarter than that.. all those that Obama has catered to and sucked up to just to gain votes.. the rest of us.. the forgotten.. the ones who have jobs and homes and say very little but pay all the bills... It may be time for us to rise up and be heard for a change. How would you like that Barry????

Most of America KNOWS that Yobummer is a dirty filthy Kenyen muslim slimmy dirt-bag, even some of the blacks do, but most blacks want to stay with a loser to get their welfare checks. All hail to King Yobummer...the slime-bag of Washington DC who wants to destroy America and her Constitution. Invest in America, buy guns & ammo. Save America, shoot a dirty muslim.

What a great idea, We could meet at Boston Harbor and thow Barry and his boys in the drink...after fitting them with concrete shoes.....How about the 4th of July would that work....?

Hold on a second. Apart from the incitement to violence, which surely must be illegal, talking about wanting to kill the President? Surely the FBI must be monitoring, finding and charging these idiots? I have a special love for the next one:

The moronic criminals we have running our Government are out for no one except themselves. "We the People", no longer exists. We need to kick everyone of these criminals out of their jobs. We need the lady that is running Australia to run America for about a month and straighten out all of this crap. She has more stones than the wimps we have running America. Our supposed war hero Senators and Congressmen are now wimps. America is going to crap every day Obuma is in office. If you want "We the People" back it's time to clean house. It time to take out the trash. One at a time, down the road they go.

That lady from Australia is Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who by any definition is a socialsit. She has just introduced a Carbon Tax and a Mineral Rent tax and then distributed that money to the more needy citizens. Not only that, but she isn't married, but living with her boyfriend and is an atheist! Do they really want her?

Our Government criminals could care less if we write them daily. They work for themselves not for us. What part of quit spending money are they missing out on. Kenya can't believe the amount of money that America is giving them and spending in Obuma's homeland. This is what you morons put in the White House, a Muslim Kenyan Socialist. Our Government is lazy, they make th same mistakes over and over and over.

There are still people who think Obama is a Muslim? Where do we find these people?

Just imagine... plans for an army in the many pages of what is supposed to be a healthcare bill... THIS IS HOW EVIL BARRY IS. WAKE UP YOU FOOLS IN AMERICA, who still think this man is not a communist.

Becouse at least with him we won;t be a Muslim Coun try,with Obummer we are doomed to be,,,The U.S. Constitution will not be the law of the land,Sharra Law will, your wife,girlfriend,daughter will have to wear borkas and if there ankles shows they will be whipped in public,if anyone says anything bad about the muslim faith they will be put to death for it by stoning ,it happons EVERY day in Islaim countries,In Dearborn the muslims already control 3/4's of the city council so they control the Lawsw enacted,the police EVERYTHING and YES Sharra law is used there even if you are not a muslim

Ever read the book The Jungle Story? The monkey people go around telling everyone how great the are. Well we do the same thing telling everyone ow free we are. Seems like a simularity there some how. The evolutionists might be right after all.

Sure, that Tea Party guy is probably just one wacko, but why is there so much hatred festering inside the USA? This is a great country that still has great potential, but why is that when some people don't get their own way, they have to resort to vile and inflammatory rhetoric? I know that the Tea Party guy took it back later, but I am sure that was more about spin thean his real sentiment, but any person with common sense should denounce him as crazy. If Obama is re-elected, surely that is the will of the people? Democracy in action?

I am very worried for the future of America. It seems to be slipping rapidly into the abyss, not the economic one, but the social one. With all the weapons around, no-one can afford a second US Civil War. It would infect the entire world and we would all suffer. Where and when will all this end?