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Notifications Coming....

Hey guys - I've been dark for a little bit, mostly because I've head my head down for the past week and a half working on our new notification system. The one thing I really don't like that much about our sites right now is the lack of email notifications when stuff happens on the site. For instance, somebody comments on an image I uploaded - I have no idea unless I randomly happen to drill down to that image again, or I see it in that user's activity feed.

Something we're working on - is how to bring these actions to your attention in a nice, concise, rolled-up email that isn't spammy, but lets you know what's been going on around the site since during the past (day/week/etc). We're getting close and we're looking to launch within the week (as soon as we can configure our smtp server) - but we'd like as much feedback as possible during the rollout process so we can tune it properly.

Feedback is always appreciated.