10 Games worth playing during October

Being that October is the scariest month, what with All Hallows Eve and all, I like to pick at least one scary game to play and finish during the month. You could play them all I guess, if you have the time, but the Idea as a whole is really these are what I have found to be the best. This really isnt intended to be the scariest games necessarily, just the most fun to play with a horror theme. There's alot of scary games, but to me, these are the best to come back to at some point. So, why not come back to them in October.

Again, there are more, and alot of great horror games out there- these are just my favorites.

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  • I have this on PC and XBox. It is arguably the best silent Hill game ever. I am of that opinoin because what sets it apart from most "survivor horror" games is its focus on the psychological aspects of what Silent Hill is. I always thought that was the best way to go with it, and thats why I really liked this game. None-the less whether you have played it before or will be playing for the first time, this is a game worth playing again in October.

  • This game is great. It's got a really creepy atmosphere, and if you let it involve you, you will definitely get some good scares out of it. Feel free to check it out, if you havent already, and there's a quick look as well. This is a good one to play in the dark with head phones on.

  • Something is making the birds die. Its also causing the homeless and downtrodden of society to go psychopathic- killing anything in their way. You play a police detective caught up in this mess, and with your expertise you must solve a series of murders while also keeping yourself alive. First Person Melee, some guns (but they run out of ammo quickly and you are kind of expected to find ways to keep finding a new weapon as they break or run out of ammo). The story is interesting, and its a very clever game.

  • This feels older then it really is. I think it was released in 2006 on xbox and PC. I have it on PC. It follows closely with an HP lovecraft story and is one of the first games I have played that used a sanity meter. To be honest, while it is scary, its also fairly unforgiving so you have to be pretty careful to do stuff the way the game wants you to at times. Dont get me wrong, its a great game, and a really good story. You'll enjoy this one if you dont mind the challenge. The only complaint you'll find is when you get weapons, at times it feels the weapons break the creepiness, but ultimately its still very good.

  • This is a link to the franchise of Penumbra as a whole. Its one of the best Horror Adventure games of the past few years by the same development team as Amenesia (Frictional Games). They made this one first. While they did experiment a little in the first part of this with combat, they ultimately got rid of that as it doesnt fit well and is not very good. It doesnt break the game though, and imo it does very well at teling its story. If you havent played it, its worth checking out.

  • This is one of the best FPS horror games I have ever played. It's scary, and its ambitious with its two handed combat system (well before bio shock did it). This one is worth playing again. I really like this game.

  • This game is an RPG that uses the source engijne. It is sad that it failed because its actually really good. It has a really decent story, an interesting use of characters (one type even being insane and therefore seeing things other types wont see) and it goes to some really creepy places. It has everything you could need for the month that holds halloween including a haunted mansion, a serial killer, and a ghoul just to name a few things. There's alot in this game, and only thing I wish is that they could have made another. A very fun game.

  • IMO, this is the best of the Alien Versus Predator games. Play the Marines first and go down the line. Its a first person shooter of sorts. In my opinoin though, while it is an older game, its the scariest of the AvP games and to me defined the series. You cant beat the alien birth scene in this game. Thats pretty great. Admittedly, though, I have not played the new one. Based on the blaise reviews from ppl, I think I will stick with this one.

  • Alot may disagree with me on this one, but I'm gonna put it on here for the people like me that enjoyed it. It does have scary moments and it totally fits. For those that maybe dont know, F.E.A.R is a first person shooter where you play a point man for a special team who gets sent in to deal with Paranormal troubles. This game is made alot like an old John Carpenter film in some ways, and a Japanese horror film in others. I really liked the way they made this one and its one I highly recommend.

  • A completely under rated game. Its way better then the ghost busters game made more recently but uses alot of things you'll remember from the ghost busters (such as the trap, although its a bit different). It has alot of good humor, some really good creepy moments, and the story isnt that bad. The only down side is the end is obviously unfinished (having no sound and a glitchy kinda lame end boss fight) and I think the developers disappeared (i think the game failed) it really is a great game and I wish it was mentioned more. Its entirely a game worth playing over again. I play it at least once a year if not in october- at some point. I have it at #10 due to its rushed, unfinished ending. Otherwise I'd probably have it much much higher.