Best of 2011

My 2011 Game of the year list. Its the only list that matters!

List items

  • It was between these top 3, but I really keep coming back to Dead Space 2. That Stomp, for me, makes it the best game when you're pissed off (and I often am) but all the upgrades, the terrific story (that ending!), the game play... it all comes together for me and made a game I've played twice this year already. THAT'S CRAZY!

    Fuck you guys and your Skyrim (which is great), I have to say Dead Space 2.

  • So ya. Skyrim is pretty bad ass. Do I really need to explain myself? Betheseda finally got it right and this is a game I hope I can come back to whenever I want. My only problem is the PS3 issues and the constant need for patches for significant problems. That's a pretty big bummer. Still an awesome game, though.

  • This game will probably be the niche game this year some people think is awesome, others will be like "what is wrong with you people?"

    This game is a beast, and enjoyable at the same time. It's not often challenge can = fun. Sometimes it's like the developers just WANT to piss you off. Because that's so HI-larious. I didnt feel that with Dark Souls. It's challenging, and intense, but when you beat something it's so incredibly satisfying that you figured it out and it is possible.

  • Great story here. The puzzles are pretty notable as well. That twist was so good. The ending can't go without mention either.

  • This game broke some ground that I don't actually think the industry is ready for as well as giving us a compelling series of stories and decent everything else. I have to agree with the Giant Bomb dudes, though, the open world is unnecessary and you'll probably skip that part but as a story it's really worth checking out. PLAY IT IN BLACK & WHITE YOU FOOLS!

  • It's an MMO. Either you like them or you don't. It's a good one of those too, and that can't be understated. What I find impressive is how interesting all the voice acting really makes it. It really does step up the genre and you wont be able to play an MMO without voice after this. My only worry is how they will continue from here. Bright future this game has.

  • This game is a dark horse this year. No one really bought it, and you people are stupid. Ya, ya, ya. It has Resident Evil aiming, and the darkness shifting gets old half way through, but fuck. The characters are really enjoyable, the boss fights are bad ass (they don't make good boss fights anymore), and the story is actually ok. I really like this game.

  • This game brought me back for a little while anyways to fighting games. Not even Street Fighter did that. I think it's one of the best games I played this year, and btw... THE STORY MODE IS AWESOME. Also fuck Shao Khan!

  • Arkham Asylum was a really great game. This really brings that up another notch. The problems with the game are really just making it open world. I have to agree with that. It's cool you can find all this neat stuff in the world out of the comics, but some of it is just to much. Other then that, its more Arkham Asylum and that's not a bad thing.

  • I'll be honest. I bough about 15 games this year that were new and this really gets space 10 by default. I didn't dig it as much as Giant Bomb's editors did, but it did a lot really great things on a modest budget and that does deserve a lot of recognition. It's also the last one I can recommend without feeling bad. I mean, Bullet Storm is great but I can't tell if other people would like it or not. So ya, Bastion gets it I guess. That's cool.