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MMOs I have played

I've played so many MMOs I'm having a hard time remembering which ones I own across the internet so I wanted to make a list. May as well put it on my Giant Bomb page.

This list does not represent any specific order. My grammar in there is probably bad as well because this was a rush job. I'll fix it later.

List items

  • I played this game for over 5 years starting the year it came out. It was an incredible experience, and my first MMO. I wrote a bad review for it on Gamespot after it started to go to shit. That's all whatever, though. This game was neat at the time and I won't forget the time I had in it. I've probably played all the MMOs I have at this point trying to recapture that but it turns out that none of them ever will.


  • I have owned World of Warcraft since Dec of it's second year, or so (2006 I believe) and I played it a lot at the time, but much much less now. I do occasionally check back in on it, but I don't enjoy the changes they've made to it and continue to make so I never stick around for very long. I have all the expansions, though. They're usually fun enough to waste a month on.

  • I had the collection of both City of Heroes and Villains, but my main character in this game was on the villain side. I did occasional play a healer on the hero side, but I found the hero side to be duller for some reason. It had a significantly bigger map, but it wasn't as fun to me. I played this game for a long time and had a fairly successful guild in it.


  • I played this around the time they released their fourth expansion. I got a collection on Direct 2 Drive- it was the first site I trusted to pay to sell me a digital game (I bought this collection there and I bought Overlord there). It was neat at the time and I still don't remember why I stopped playing it. I think it's free to play now.

    Edit 2021: This seems to be one of only a few MMOs still remaining from 10 years or more ago that still has a monthly subscription. I may check it out again. While it was sold to another company apparently it's still the same game so reviews are mostly still favorable to this.

  • After City of Heroes/Villains went down this has become a "so-so" substitute. It's not really as good, but it's the only super hero MMO, that isn't a Diablo clone, that exists. I play it sometimes. If you use a subscription you can do some cool stuff in it. It's a fun diversion sometimes.

    Edit 2021: Can only play full game now with a purchase of a lifetime subscription of $250. No more monthly fee.

  • I can only tell you that this game was the single coolest MMO experience I ever had. It's a real shame it was so niche. I have so many cool story of the live in world stories that would happen on the fly and other things that would happen in this game that are just not viable. But it was a really wonderful moment in history that only a few will ever remember.


  • It's funny. They shut the servers down but it still exists on my origin account almost as a mockery to me. "Haha you bought this game."

    It's a shame. This game played well for an MMO, and had a cool look to it. I also like the Warhammer take on the classes. The PVP was also fun.

    PS. I have an origin account for free games. Games I purchased before Origin existed as a platform also ended up on there such as this game.


  • I played this game during it's "Friends and Family" Pre Alpha testing phase in 2009 or something. Maybe earlier, it's hard to remember, but it was a really long time ago now. It wasn't a game yet, and never really became one, but the experience taught me a lot about what it means to be a fan of something, and how to maintain expectations for things I enjoy that much. I don't think I've actually had that much expectation for anything since although I still make rash comments about most things.


  • When this first came out I thought it was really good because it was the first MMO I can recall having active combat (that I played), but I played it again recently and it is shockingly bland now. I will probably never play it again. Not recommended, if anyone cared to wonder.

  • This MMO is cool, and the show is "meh." The problem I had is the game runs out of stuff to do and I don't feel like buying the expansion or whatever it is yet. But the game has been fine. Maybe better than Borderlands. I'm thinking about playing The Division and if that's at least as good as this then I'm good going over to that. I'm not a big fan of "shooter RPGs" because I hate how it feels when you shoot something and it seems to have little impact but this games does it well because most stuff gets hit hard enough and only boss or "named" enemies take longer to die so... I don't know. It just works better for me than most I guess.


  • I played Rift for a bit. It was alright and I wrote a blog about it (my most popular blog still I think). They changed it alot since then, and I have checked it out since, but it's not as fun when there's not a lot of people the maps you're on because Rifts happen less often and the huge rift invasions almost never happen anymore (at least when I was re-checking it out) so it got real boring. It was pretty awesome when it first came out though.

    Edit 2021: Rift was sold to another company at some point. Sounds like it doesn't get developed any more and is on it's last legs. Game was dead when it needed a lot of people in an area to cause the coolest part of the game- Rifts- to happen.

  • I still say it's alright. Like most MMOs it's a slog to play. I think for some reason what bothers me most in this one is that it feels painfully slow to walk anywhere. Even when you get a mount it still feels SOOOOO SLOW. The housing is really cool, though, and the look is also cool. I like it in parts and go back to it from time to time.

    RIP was shut down in 2018 and I never noticed. How bizarre.

  • I don't know which release I played. I found this game boring and didn't play it for very long. It was within the last couple of years so that could be why.

  • It's surprisingly ok for a game that kind of peddles sexy ladies. I've read somewhere that it does that tastefully. I'm not qualified to say. My problem with this game is it is just extremely generic. It seems to be 100% free, though. You don't have to pay to play it at all these days. I guess it gets by on it's sexy ladies and lingerie (yes you can buy lingerie for your sexy lady in this MMO if you want to).

  • This is a surprisingly fun game for a free to play MMO. It just has a lot of free to play hooks in it (limited character slots for one). It's not a big deal, though. I never bought anything and it was fun.

  • Cool game for a Diablo clone. Way better than Diablo 3 (which isn't an MMO, to be clear, but this game is Diablo with an MMO slant to it) although Diablo 3 got significantly better over time- like it's pre-decessors really. Anyway, this game is pretty good.


  • I didn't play this until the realm reborn re-release. It's pretty good, but I just stopped playing it for no reason in particular.

  • I played Guild Wars for a little while (which won't be on this list because it's not an MMO) and so I decided to play this one as well because it would be an MMO. It's alright. I still go back to it occasionally. Like most MMOs these days I just don't like when I'm forced to explore when I don't want to or craft at all, and there's a lot of forced exploration in this among other things, but it's still not that bad. I just get bored and move on some times. I still haven't played the expansion yet.

  • I have similar feelings on this game that Jeff does. It feels big, but empty which makes me feel bummed whenever I play. Not because there's no one playing, but because the world feels too big and wastes a lot of space. It adds to the feeling most MMOs have now that "even though you're connected and online you don't actually need to interact with anyone" which is super weird.

    I have Agoraphobia and PTSD, and I feel that's weird so...

  • Another MMO I think is decent. I just get bored and stop playing some times. I still think one is pretty cool because it's so different from all the others in tone.

  • Ya, I played Trove. It's alright. It's recommendable if you really like Minecraft but maybe want someone else's take on Minecraft. Maybe if you want a Minecraft with a little more focus on the simplistic combat? It's just Minecraft with more people, and even saying "with more people" feels like a stretch because I've seen servers of Minecraft with a lot of people in the same area. Maybe more than I've seen in this.

    It does replicate Minecraft well, if you care to add classes and what not to your Minecraft experience- so there's that I guess.

  • I only briefly played this game within the last couple of years. Since it's free to play now I just wanted to know what it was like. I thought it was really bad, and even worse really dull to play.

  • I played this for a month because it's free to play now. I don't remember it much, but I remember you have wings? I don't know what to say about it. Maybe the fact that I don't remember it is a bad sign.

  • I played this recently because they sold it during the last steam sale for like $20 or something. I recommend people stay far away. It is extremely tedious and boring to play. It's similar to Elder Scrolls at times (because you can pick stuff up and the bad, clunky, combat feels similar) but it's just not fun. It's just not. Someone said when I first started playing most won't last a week. This is not a lie. It is really boring and has really dull class selections. Avoid at all costs.

  • I just recently started playing this. I am loving it so far. It's completely crazy because nothing works like you'd normally expect it to, and it takes forever to do most things or get anywhere, but for whatever reason (maybe because it gives me early MMO vibes), now that I've figured out how to play the game effectively, I really like this game. I play it fairly casually and I'm having a ton of fun with it. We'll see how long that lasts, but it doesn't have a monthly fee so I can play it whenever and not worry about it.