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My top ten games of 2013

I had a really hard time coming up with a list this year. A lot of the games I played this year weren't even from this year. Although, I guess that's common for me but this year it was because I am still playing games from 2012.

It seems there was a lot of games I really enjoyed out of indie games more than anywhere (that's becoming a thing now it seems) and while I would like to add some games like Stick it to the man, Viscera Cleanup Detail, or Outlast I didn't feel those games held up long enough to what I found to be the best games I played this year. So consider this their honorable mentions.

And before you look in fanboy haste; no, I do not have Last of Us and did not think it was as great as you probably did.

List items

  • Yep. My favorite game this year was Bioshock Infinite. It was everything I hoped it would be and still managed to be a bit more. I have said a lot on this game already somewhere out there on the vast reaches of internet. It's a good game with an almost Disney like innocence that has a fascinating juxtaposition with all the brutal racism and hate that lies underneath. It's really fascinating to see this world, such as it is, and feeling fully realized.

    The best part, for me, was that moment after you save Elizabeth from the tower and go on a little bit of a rail ride. Maybe it's the music, which is also great as always (thank you Gary) but that scene is so intense even though you don't really do anything you cant help but feel the wind on your face, and rushing of the Songbird swooping this way and that to grab at you, the immense explosion as the tower collapses, and everything falls apart around you. That scene really fully encompasses everything that is so good about the game. It's well thought out, placed, realized, and executed.

    I really liked this game.

    Ya, and the twist was pretty mind blowing and fun to talk about as well.

  • As he sat thinking about what he would say about Stanley and his parable which never really goes anywhere, but is always immensely fun to see what will happen next, he realized that writing it out like the narrator form the game may work best. Everyone needs a fancy British guy narrating their thoughts, at least sometimes. It works wonders on your self esteem. I could write anything, but if I imagine the narrator reading it it sounds great.

    Bippity boppity boo

    Oh ya. This game. Ya this game is pretty good too, and has pretty rooms. You should play it and then when your done play it again. If you don't the narrator will track you down and kill you. Probably while you sleep.

  • I knew what to expect when coming into this game. I had already seen a lot of game play somewhere and knew what it caters too is something I kind of miss about JRPGs.

    There is an odd attempt in JRPGs these days to try and remake the wheel. You see it a lot lately (over the past 5 years or so) and I find it odd. I don't think the game play elements were ever bad in JRPGs, they certainly were unobtrusive in most every way, and the stories were always a lot of fun. Truth be told, we got older and were able to realize the weirdness in some of the stories, but still could enjoy the game play.

    That changed for me when the game play started getting odd elements thrown in, they tried all kind of strange things. Different developers all tried different stuff and for the most part none of it works for me. This game is a mixture of Final Fantasy 7, Pokemon, and maybe a little bit Kingdom Hearts. They kind of found elements of every well loved JRPG and mashed them together to create a fascinating experience to play.

    On top of that they have Studio Ghibli, well known for several pieces of great well loved animation which adds an element of child like wonder to the whole thing.

    It really works well to create an enjoyable experience I am 60 hours into now (or something) and still not finished with.

    God this game never ends! That's both good and bad =P

  • You should play this game. The price may be a bit of a deterrent, and I'm still not really sure that saying this game is worth the price (not because of content but it is really short) but I'm just going to say you should play this game.

    It's not like other games, the story could offend you if you're highly conservative, but if you have an open mind about games and life you should play this game.

  • It's strange for me to say that I liked playing a Tomb Raider game for more than just swan diving off high ledges to break Lara's neck. Morbid, I know, but it was the original appeal of Lara Croft's adventures.

    There was something always extremely awkward about how they setup controls for Tomb Raider in the old days. I remember that more than anything. I hated playing it because for some reason they felt the controls had to be different than anything else (on PC) and they didn't allow you to change it.

    Despite my disinterest in Tomb Raider after that Lara has continued on year after year, even having had a couple of boring movies made about her, and several mediocre to alright then forgotten games.

    I have to say this game is a lot like Uncharted in that it gives you an action packed roller coaster thrill ride with a spike through your neck at the end.

    No seriously, though, this game is nuts. It's brutal (interesting that they took inspiration from The Descent for this game and stole one iconic scene very clearly from it) but I think that's one thing that helps give the game it's one thing that separates it from Uncharted. It is a little uncharted, a little bit ripped off from movies, but all heart.

  • I wasn't initially sure if I wanted to add this at first because the boss fights are archaic in nature (at least, one of them is) and the ending is a bit abrupt. Having said that, though, the more I think about it the more I realize I think this is one of the best shooters I've played this year. There's a bit to much of the same thing over and over (especially with the spiders) but they did very well when it comes to story and world building. It's a beautiful game to boot.

  • I wasn't expecting much from this game. To hear the guys here on Giantbomb speak well of it, and then the quick look showed it played fairly well, my interest was peaked.

    They messed up really bad making Dante a modern day emo punk but as I reflect on Dante; what he "was" never really mattered to me so much as the game play in the past. I also really liked his white hair and red trench coat. His voice actor wasn't great, but he was enjoyable as well and helped solidify what Dante is (was) for the series.

    The fact that all of that- all of it- changed was a bit sad and it really hurt to hear that apparently the developer doesn't care. It always sucks when you hear someone working on something you like doesn't care what you thought of it.

    Despite them stomping on what you like about Dante in the past, the game itself plays very well and was really fun to play through. That is all that really matters.

    Fuck them for pissing on original Dante though.

  • Gunpoint was alright. I really liked the system for jumping, that was well done and very satisfying. I would probably have it higher on my list but I found it all to easy, and really really short.

    The writing is pretty funny too if you want it to be.

  • There were a few games I backed in 2011. When the fervor for helping developers make the game you want was at its peak. Surprising though this may be, Giantbomb has helped me realize how games actually get made. It's a bit sad to be disillusioned but at the same time I feel it's good to understand how things work. I feel it makes for less ignornat knee jerk reactions (as we have enough of those online already).

    I didn't think much of this game when they were developing it. I paid a minimum just to get the digital copy of this game.

    You know what. This game's pretty good. It's fairly short (will have more added soon enough) but what it does have is entertaining and they even take a little bit of what was learned from XCom and add in some elements of a cover system for combat.

    On top of that I feel the writing is top notch, the story is fun to follow along, and I enjoyed playing through it.

  • This is the first "moba" I have ever played. I played it for about a month or so, and watched the international tournament. I even spent money on it.

    I may not play it again, I don't get into doing the same thing over and over like some people do, but I totally get it.