Top Ten Games I played in 2017

I will start, as always, with my setup so if someone new happened to read this they knew. I do not just pick games from this year, as I play old games all the time, but my rule for being in my Top Ten for the year, any year, is that I must have never played it before (or not played it too significantly in my life) this year.

I found this year fairly easy to pick my top 5, but picking 5 other games was a little screwy for me. There were a lot of great games this year, but because of the way I play games (I play what I feel like playing mostly when I have time) and the fact that I did not finish (or play enough of) 3 of the games I think I would definitely have had on this list, the bottom 5 were difficult. However, there were still some great games in previous years I got to play this year, and I'm glad I did. A few I probably wouldn't have listed if I had finished those 3 games, though.

Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV, Horizon Zero Dawn, Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Maybe next year I'll play ya'll enough to list you. Or better, maybe I'll be able to finish playing you. GOD THERE'S SO MANY GAMES!

Also, as always, the last two are honorable mentions of games that I have played a significant amount of throughout the year for multiple years.

List items

  • I don't think that anyone will be surprised to learn that this game is amazing. I have said this a few places (online and in the world), but this is the best Mario game in 15 years. Ya, there have been some alright Mario games for awhile, but none have captured the magic of the original (No. Not even Galaxy which I did not like at all). Until now. This game is incredible in so many ways and I think EVERYONE who ever loved Mario (across all time) should play this. Right now! It's so fucking good, and has so many wonderful moments. I'm with Dan. I would totally play this again.

  • I have not played a civilization game since Civilization II (which I miss so much and I wish they would release digitally- the FMV alone is some of the best of the 90s).

    I believe the addictive nature to this game is so potent, though, it should be classified as harmful. Whenever I sit down to play it on my days off hours somehow just disappear. I haven't played a game like that in a very long time, and I love it but I also hate it because I don't like to just play video games 24 hours a day anymore. God damn, though, this game grabs a hold of you with historical concepts and says "Hey, what if you created your own story out of history." This game is amazing.

    I have not played the new Civilization. I was going to get it when it was on sale last, but this one was $12 for the entire game (including DLCs and expansions) and everyone still has nothing but praise for it whereas with the new one they do not. So, it was an easy pick, and after a few hours of figuring it out it's completely understandable why this game is so loved.

  • I was a big proponent of Dishonored when it first came out (I even fought a little for it on a GOTY podcast I was on that year), and I am still glad it exists. It brings back stealth concepts from older games that I really enjoyed, as well as bringing fresh new ideas to the mix. This new one was somehow better (which surprised me). I haven't played with the girl (I chose to continue playing as Corvo), but I really liked the way the story played out (I played the good path basically). I think they handled the choices slightly better (although it still seems like it's rebuking you if you wanted to play it bad- which is weird). I still enjoy the way the world changes with your choices, and how you play the game as a whole, and I liked all the areas and the surprises this game had (no spoilers but there's one level where you have to sneak into a broken down mansion that is probably the coolest level in the game and the way they used the mechanic to that level, while slightly frustrating some times, was very clever).

    I highly recommend this if you liked Dishonored, and maybe even if you didn't.

  • This game may be better than it has any right to be. I was slightly surprised. I'm not the biggest fan of King's Quest (I played most of them in the mid 90s, and at one time online you could find a project that made them fairly easy to find online). I think this may have maintained the zany spirit of King's Quest, while telling the story in a new way. The puzzles are fun, the narrative is silly, and the acting is top notch. I also enjoy the changes throughout each chapter as it gives the game a feeling like a life time is passing throughout (that's basically what's happening).

    I feel like this game isn't talked about that much, but I don't follow gaming forum banter anymore so I don't really know. I do feel like it's mostly gone under the radar and that's a real shame. It's really good. Definitely better than most of the stuff Telltale is doing right now, and for a modern adventure game it doesn't feel like it drags (like a lot of new adventure games these days). I definitely recommend this for all fans of adventure games.

    My biggest gripe, though, is the games strict attendance to the difficult choices that it slightly borrows from Telltale. It will even do this even when it contradicts the comedy of the narrative overall. What this means is it will always attempt to make something dramatic (or fairly sad) happen which will then be forgotten later. This begs the question why do it at all? The game is overall very funny, and silly, and then certain moments happen for a moment that are very serious. It feels unnecessary. They don't have to make them those kinds of choices since the game overall just wants to be fun and loose. Anyway, I could go on and on about that, but I don't want to give the wrong impression. It's still a very good game. I put it up there with Life is Strange. People should play it.

  • I liked this game, but I don't think it's the best Metal Gear I've played. I'd actually put it lower on my list than most seem to. This is mostly because after mission 32 (I think it is) the game takes a turn where it feels unfinished. Or maybe lackluster is a better word. It feels rushed and like they just randomly generated Kojima concepts at that point. It really breaks everything leading up to that point. You don't HAVE to play after that, but the problem is there is still a lot of story you should see if you've ever played Metal Gear Solid before. It's a real shame. I would definitely have this game higher on this list (and higher on my favorite Metal gear games list) if it didn't feel like they were just filling time to make the game longer after that point.

    Also there are a few bull shit moments near the end of the actual game that will really piss you off. Again, you don't HAVE to play past mission 32, but if you don't you miss out on a lot of crazy Kojima narrative and I personally want to see that stuff. It's a real shame Konami went insane. I think that has a lot to do with why the game feels, basically, half finished. I think Kojima just had to get it out the door and the second half of the game is the culmination of short cuts they had to take in order to finish it.

  • I was pleasantly surprised by this game. Just know, though, I did not play this in VR. I think this is my favorite Resident Evil since Resident Evil 2 (as I've said on many occasions RE4 is a terrible game, and I still stand by that) which is still the best in the series. I even liked the story to this one, but I really like cheese. There are some really creative choices in this game, and I liked the shift to first person as well. I thought it was a refreshing take.

    Sure, it's different, but in this case I feel like they made so many bad Resident Evil's that the change helped them think about it in a different way and that overall helped make it a more interesting game to play. I hope Capcom keeps thinking outside the box like this, and trying new things in this way. At least in this instance I feel like it really helped.

  • We're kind of in the woods here, so I apologize. I had a hard time picking around here. Also it should be understood that, specifically, I played the Resident Evil HD release (port) of this on PC this year.

    I have played Resident Evil before, but this game is different enough (no FMVs, the amazing dislogue was re-recorded, a lot of stuff is different) that it only barely passes. I never played this version of Resident Evil. Actually I think the original is better, but this one fixes things in the game play department in such a way that it's more fun to play even though I really miss the bad dialogue, and super stupid FMV (god, why couldn't they at least release it as bonus material on here!). As a game this was super fun, still, and I enjoyed playing through Resident Evil again. It's still just a really fun game. Signifcantly creepier and more fun to play than Resident Evil 4 trash.

  • I had played the original Borderlands way back when and that game, at some point, becomes very unfun to play if you're not playing with other people. This one resolves that (I found playing alone to be quite fun), as well as being a surprisingly good loot shooter. The dialogue is stupid, but it doesn't bother me like it does the editors of GiantBomb, and overall I think the missions are just fun to do. I could probably play this forever. The game play loop is just fun to do.

  • I really liked the art style to this game. The world they built, and the creatures within it (including you) are some of the coolest and creepiest things I've seen. I would definitely like to see more of this world. A big thing I like about it, though, is just the world and the way things look. It also helps that the platforming is fine and doesn't get in the way of what I mainly enjoy about this game (looking at it).

  • Look I really like Hand of Fate. I think it's super clever, and a nice game to play in short spurts (like, say, just before I go to work). The problem is that it's super repetitive (unless maybe you're good at building your own decks- I always had the computer generate the decks). At a point you just start seeing the same things pop up over and over and over. Also, late in the game, you start getting curses that are not fun to play with and cripple you in ways that don't feel fun anymore. Most of the game is a really cool idea, though, and I'm interested in playing Hand of Fate 2. I do recommend this game as well. I just think some of the development choices were not thought out very well.

    Oh, and also, 90% of this game is super easy. I was super overpowered through most of it. However, even that is kind of luck of the draw, but it only takes one time to get a good hand and you'll be done with a section and beat it easily and move on. It's just strange. I'm sure they had more time to think it through and fix the problems for the sequel.

  • I still play this game almost everyday, and they still release new tables often. I cannot endorse this very expensive game with a broken UI enough. It's still very fun to play. There is NO better digital Pinball simulator in the known universe. At all. I seriously have over 100 hours playing this. Much like Fallout 4 I will keep mentioning it until a year where I no longer played it a significant amount.

  • As always Fallout 4 is amazing. Sure, the building aspect is stupid, but you can choose to ignore it. I utilized it in such a way as to ignore it after a point and that worked out fine. I can only mention it this year because I did play the DLC (Far Harbour) a significant amount this year which added a whole new area. I didn't particularly like the way the choices in dialogue are handle on this one (it's way to vague as well as black, or white feeling- it doesn't feel fleshed out enough and I liked the other DLC [Nuka World] more).

    Even still, I really like Fallout 4. It's everything I want a modern Fallout to be, and I played this significantly enough (early in the year) that it's still an honorable mention.

    That being said, it looks like this will be the last year. I have nothing much left to do in it so I find myself just not playing it anymore. But man, what a ride. This game is so good that if I were immortal I could just play this and Civilization 5 until the universe folds in on itself and implodes and I would be perfectly content.