Battle Report #2 - I did it

So the short term goal has been achieved, I'm in Gold League. What I did is pretty simple, I'm only working on my macro skills right now, so I've been doing the same build over and over on each game. 2 rax FE vs. Protoss and vs. Zerg, 1/1/1 expand and turtle with siege tanks and vikings vs. Terran. First I played something like 50 games against the computer doing these builds, basically trying to imprint them on my memory. When i finally got to Bnet I went 15-5 on ladder games, and the promotion on my last one. Pretty cool! I could see very clearly how silver players need to work on their mechanics, as I was winning my games purely on better macro.
In general, I feel my mechanics are slowly getting better. I rarely get supply blocked, I build lots of workers, and my money is always low (until mid-to-late game at least). I have to work on mid/late game macro though, know the exact time to add more production buildings, understand better army composition, get better at scouting and predicting what my opponent is planning to use against me, things like that. 
Can I get to Platinum in 2 or 3 months?  
See you, guys.


Battle Report # 1

So, the journey begins. 3 short games today, 2-1, but they were all horrible.
Game 1 - TvT on steppes. I went 1/1/1, the guy went 3 rax, which I scouted right on time. So I imediatelly bunkered up while building tanks and vikings. He took maybe a minute longer than he should to push, so I obliterated his forces with 2 sieged tanks and some infantry. Then I just attacked him for the win. 
Game 2 - TvP on steppes. Went 2 rax into expo, he went 2 gates into void rays. I was pretty disappointed because I macroed very well this game, but lost due to lack of scouting. I wasn't prepared to void rays when he pushed. Also, the mistake I made was not to pressure earlier. He sent 5 zealots to keep me at bay, but when I killed them I should've just attacked. When I saw the Stargates I tryed building towers, but it didn't help. Need to study that game. Here's the replay if you want to give some advice.   
Game 3 - TvT on Sands. Horrible, horrid game. I macroed like an asshole, but he was worse than me, and I won. He went 1/1/1, and try banshee harass. I scouted early, and finished him with MMM and a raven.  
Conclusions: TvT is my worst matchup. I have to practice it, 'cause I'm just not sure what to do... Yabot, be ready. 
I decided I'll grab 1 solid build for each matchup and play it exclusively, trying to go for long macro games. I believe this is the best way to get better. The only thing is I have to be very careful to those cheesy builds, and have the correct response for them at the tip of my fingers. Everytime I have to defend against them, I end up screwing my macro, getting supply blocked, etc. In short, I need to do some reading, because playing aimlessly isn't going to help me.     


2011, the year I will play Starcraft 2

So, I've decided I'll try to get as good as I can at this game, and report the results on this beloved website. I'm pretty sure nobody will be interested in this, but hell, if at least I can get some motivation going, that's good enough for me. 
So here's the deal: 
-I have played 101 1v1 games so far (only Terran). Won 54, and currently I'm in silver league, 8th place in my division. 
-I'll try to play at least 15 games a week and see how far I can go. (time consuming job keeps me from playing more) 
-My short term goal is to get to Gold League as fast as I can. Maybe 2 months? Don't know. 
-I'll keep short summaries of the games here, and maybe post a couple of replays. Maybe some good soul can give me some advice.
Just a couple of things before I begin: English is my second language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. And If anyone wants to practice just add me to your friends list. I'm Costello#128, and I play at the NA servers.  
See you guys.