Battle Report # 1

So, the journey begins. 3 short games today, 2-1, but they were all horrible.
Game 1 - TvT on steppes. I went 1/1/1, the guy went 3 rax, which I scouted right on time. So I imediatelly bunkered up while building tanks and vikings. He took maybe a minute longer than he should to push, so I obliterated his forces with 2 sieged tanks and some infantry. Then I just attacked him for the win. 
Game 2 - TvP on steppes. Went 2 rax into expo, he went 2 gates into void rays. I was pretty disappointed because I macroed very well this game, but lost due to lack of scouting. I wasn't prepared to void rays when he pushed. Also, the mistake I made was not to pressure earlier. He sent 5 zealots to keep me at bay, but when I killed them I should've just attacked. When I saw the Stargates I tryed building towers, but it didn't help. Need to study that game. Here's the replay if you want to give some advice.   
Game 3 - TvT on Sands. Horrible, horrid game. I macroed like an asshole, but he was worse than me, and I won. He went 1/1/1, and try banshee harass. I scouted early, and finished him with MMM and a raven.  
Conclusions: TvT is my worst matchup. I have to practice it, 'cause I'm just not sure what to do... Yabot, be ready. 
I decided I'll grab 1 solid build for each matchup and play it exclusively, trying to go for long macro games. I believe this is the best way to get better. The only thing is I have to be very careful to those cheesy builds, and have the correct response for them at the tip of my fingers. Everytime I have to defend against them, I end up screwing my macro, getting supply blocked, etc. In short, I need to do some reading, because playing aimlessly isn't going to help me.