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IRON MAN 2: The Video Game: The Review... 1

Iron Man 2: The Video Game (Believe it or not, he’s walking on air...)   Iron Man 2 kicks off with that latest football of video games set in high tech near futures, the electromagnetic pulse bomb, and it’s effect on our hero is immediate to see.   Poor Iron Man’s suit is reduced to a mere smudge of it’s former self, looking less like a piece of bleeding edge technology and more like an cheap diecast action figure that had been left out in the yard for a month and repeatedly urinated on by the ...

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Bye bye Mako. Hello hover tank!!! 0

As free DLC goes.., hey wait a minute, why is this free anyway?  I wouldn't hesitate to drop some MS points for Firewalker.    Let's break it down.  The Mass Effect 2 DLC Firewalker gives you a handful of new missions involving a mysterious group of scientists looking for an ancient and familiar looking (for those that completed the Consort's trinket quest from ME1) artefact, and being hunted by the Geth.  You get a bunch of new experience to help hit that level thirty in one play through Achiev...

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Kasumi steals the crown for the best ME2 loyalty mission! 0

Stolen Memory has to be taken in the context for which it was so obviously intended.  Not as simply a bonus mission.  Nor as "The Further Adventures of Indiana Shepard", but as an extra character for your suicide team.  And a bad-ass addition Kasumi is!  You see this sexy and mysterious thief can turn invisible!   " A-ha!" I hear you say, " My Infiltrator Shepard can turn invisible!"  Well, can your Shepard turn invisible, sneak up behind an enemy in a fire fight, stab that dude in the back and ...

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