Nintendo Power Retrospective - Part 1

This week I start with the retro video gaming, as I make my way through Nintendo Power, one issue (or so) at a time, starting with the first issue of the Nintendo Fun Club News, and a little background about how Nintendo Power came to be.

Wil Wheaton's Blog Entry about the tournament

Other little notes: I forgot to discuss the music in Super Mario Bros that was an absolute oversight on my part. It isn't helped by the fact that I forgot to record game audio when did the gameplay capture. Other than that, Excitebike and Hogan's Alley have essentially no music to speak of, save for some little bits at the title screen.


Book Review - Red Storm Rising

It's time for another book review this time, or rather a review of a book that inspired a computer game - Red Storm Rising, by Tom Clancy (feat. Larry Bond)

EDIT: Something I didn't mention in the review - the Red Storm Rising Computer game was the first computer game to be published by Red Storm Studios, who would later go on to create the Rainbow Six series, among other Clancy tie-in games, until they were bought out by Ubisoft.

Also, why isn't there a franchise page for the Harpoon series on the wiki? I should probably get on that.


Book Review - Rendezvous With Rama

This week I'm taking a look at Arthur C. Clarke's classic SF novel, Rendezvous With Rama (which in turn inspired the game for the Apple II & Commodore 64, among other systems).

Gamers Against Bigotry's IndieGoGo Campaign can be found at

Their web page is

The campaign ends on August 1st, 2012 - so donate now!

Now, I haven't played the Rendezvous With Rama PC games. However, I am interested in giving them a try in the future. If you've played them and have read the novel - please let me know how they compare. Thanks!


E3 2012 - The Bottom Five Unsold! Titles of the Show

One month late, I have my bottom 5 games from E3 2012, that I was Unsold on.

The IndieGoGo project mentioned in the video can be found here. Currently their plans for overflow awards are including a prize drawing - but they're looking for suggestions for new rewards - and recommendations for web designers.

Oh, and I mis-spelled Jennifer Hepler's name as Helper, in my script. I sincerely apologize to Miss Hepler (if she's reading this).


E3 2012 - Top Five Sold! Titles of The Show

So, last year, with E3, I did two videos, one describing the games I was Sold on, and the ones I was Unsold on. So, it's time for the Sold! list, and this time, I'm actually taking the time to rank these titles.

And if you don't want to watch the video, here's the full list. I do realize that Rock Band Blitz was announced before E3, as was Sleeping Dogs, but what I saw at E3 clinched both of them for me.

E3 2012 Sold!

The top Five titles from E3 2012 that I'm Sold On (which I'll be attaching to a blog post and a video). They don't have to have been just revealed at E3 - I just have to have been sold on them (initially or further sold).

1. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate
2. Watch Dogs
3. Rock Band Blitz
4. Sleeping Dogs
5. Persona 4 Arena

Vlog - Nintendo's Press Conferences

While E3 has officially concluded, I still have one more video of press conference reactions to share. I've got my thoughts on Nintendo's WiiU and 3DS Press Conferences.

Seriously though - I understand wanting to give the Nintendo 3DS additional time in their own press conference, and put the focus on the Wii U. However, wouldn't it have been better to give people advance notice that the second press conference was coming?


Vlog - E3 2012 - EA, Ubisoft, and Sony, Oh My

I'm continuing with my E3 press Conference vlogs with the rest of day one.

I apologize for the poor picture quality - I recorded it last night, so I couldn't make sure the lighting was as good as I'd like. I'll try to fix the lighting problems with tomorrow's video. Tomorrow's video should cover Nintendo's two press briefings.


Vlog - E3 2012 - Konami & Microsoft Press Briefings

It's time for the first of what will be many Vlogs, where I give my thoughts on some of the E3 press briefings, starting with Konami & Microsoft.

I'll probably end up putting my vlogs for EA & Ubisoft, and Sony & Nintendo up tomorrow, due to having class this evening. Anyway, my picks for game of the Microsoft press confrence is definitely Halo 4, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 for the Konami Press briefing.


My thoughts on the "Mega Man" thing & Occupying Gaming.

After a one week break for school-work, I'm back for the attack. This week I've got a brief rant about the whole Mega-Man in Street Fighter X Tekken (which is starting to turn into Capcom Vs. Namco) before giving my thoughts on a recent twitter debate that Gabe of Penny Arcade started about Used Games, and whether they should be permitted to continue to exist.

Just to re-iterate a point I mention when talking about Occupying E3 & PAX. I'm not talking about tresspassing into the con itself (if you haven't purchased a membership). I'm not talking about camping on the grounds. I'm talking about an organized protest within earshot of the convention so we, as gamers, whether we purchase used games (by preference or by necessity), or just want to preserve the history of our hobby, can make our displeasure known in a much more significant fashion. Several people in Gabe's twitter debate (under the hash-tag #usedvsnew), said that if we really care about used games, we need to make are voices heard in a fashion outside of just ranting on message boards.

If we're going to do it, this is how.


Vlog - Spike VGAs 2011

This week I'm giving my thoughts, a week late, on the Spike VGAs

Sorry about the poor video quality - I don't have a closer light source for my camera, and it was overcast outside, so, consequently, the room was much darker than it normally is, which in turn lead to the focus problems.

I blame my camera and the Gods themselves conspiring to spare me from having to revisit the VGAs.

Next week should, hopefully, be a little better. *knocks on wood*

EDIT - Also, I forgot to mention in my video Zachary Levi's little speech calling for maturity on Xbox Live and other multiplayer services. While the message was good, and this is a venue where it would reach a wider audience, the Teabagging Soldier in the opening of the show so hopelessly undermined that message that I fear that any hope of the message sinking in would be lost.