People complained that my work didn't have enough boobs... I included more boobs in this last video.
We are gearing up for a few shoots over the course of the summer as well as our very first feature length musical movie based on the works of Jonathan Coulton. Just figured it'd be worth posting here. This is my very first blog here at Giant Bomb and I'm actually looking forward to whether or not I'll complete a quest doing this...
SUPER EDIT: Well, in order for this to be more legit, I've decided to expound upon the vid. Keep in mind I never intended for this to be seen as Spam and in the future I will use better judgment. First off, I'm part of a performance group called "Imaginary Trends," we have been together for a little more than a year now and we aim to produce content that is geeky in nature. LAN'ded is one of our biggest projects. LAN'ded is a musical (we're all theatre majors BTW) about a geek who is getting ready to explore the outside world. For the past few months I've been producing and uploading vid diaries, game reviews, and stuff of that nature to a YouTube channel dedicated to LAN'ded's main character, Christian (seen below). We've just hit 500 subscribers and momentum seems to be working in our favor. We also do some other sketch comedy (like seeing what happens when a Nazi falls in love with a Jew) and I'm hoping to experiment more with that later this summer. 
About 2 months ago we decided it'd be funny for us to spoof Felicia Day's music video cause well, we all loved the original and "The Guild" is what inspired us to do some of our work online in the first place. Keep in mind, NONE of us are getting paid to do ANY of this. it's all a labor of love. The other difficult part about all of this is that as a group we are all scattered across the United States. Two of our three main people are on broadway tours right now, and I'm gearing up to make a move to Chicago very soon. All of the work we do is discussed and collaborated upon via the internet. 
SO! We wrote up lyrics, mixed the track, and we had a viable audio source with which to make the video with. The difficult part now would be filming, editing, lighting, and performing everything by myself. I don't know if you've ever tried to make a music video before, but it can get tedious. I'd have to set up lights, do a few takes to see if it worked well, and if so, then I could continue. If the lights were off or it didn't look right, then I had to re-set. Doing it all by yourself is pretty lonely, gotta admit. However, after spending two nights editing it together I feel like it didn't turn out half bad. I know I'll get flamed for this, but we all use Macs. Furthermore, we only use the software that came with the Mac in the first place. Theatre Majors + not getting paid to do work = using your limitations creatively. 
One part Garageband. One part iMovie. One part dangling light bulbs. Many parts trying to be a rap star.
Next time I feel compelled to try out this crazy new blog feature I'll be sure to wax poetic for more than 3 lines. :) Thank you to all who gave constructive criticism for how I can not spam in the future.