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Game Room games that DON'T suck.

These are the games that make sense in the Game Room platform.  
One day I'd like to add some Intellivision games, but this list is for video games that don't suck. 
P.S. Notice how all these games have leaderboards? That was directed to you Krome!

List items

  • This is a COOL game!

  • Takes place on the moon.

  • Sure you could have purchased the updated version before it got de-listed. But this is a whopping 160 points less.

  • A little odd but it doesn't suck. Similar to RoboTron but faster.

  • It's Battlezone! It controls a little odd but it works.

  • A little repetitive but it works. Dude just run left.

  • Sure the lack of trackball takes away from the experience but it works well enough with an analog stick. It's less crazy than Millipede. If you can get past the lack of trackball get the arcade version; stay away from the 2600 version.

    On a slightly unrelated note; Centipede is the first video game I ever played.

  • I'd recommend the arcade version, although the 2600 version is a quality console remake.

  • Better than plain old Asteroids due to the fact that it is easy in Asteroids to exceed the high score counter.

  • A little basic but it works, makes sense.

  • Sure the bosses are ridiculous but this game is OK.

  • Sure it's not the better 5200 version but it's the original.


  • Part of me wishes Game Room had the 5200 version of this. I believe the 5200 version had analog movement but I may be wrong.

  • Not bad.

  • Not the best game ever but it has just enough going for it.

  • Unique enough to be worth it.

  • There is a bit of a learning curve. Complicated in a good way. I'd recommend the arcade version over the 2600 version.

  • Crazier version of Asteroids. While I don't think it's as good as Asteroids Deluxe it's a quality product.

  • Controls a little goofy but it's unique enough to warrant it's existence.

  • A fast paced shooter. Controls like a top-down Defender.

  • I had a tough time deciding to include this one. It controls a little goofy but that problem existed on the arcade version. That said it's a fine game that's a unique experience.

  • A pretty good game that works well with Game Room's system.

  • A breakout game that actually works!