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Art with a side of blog.

Well, it's been a couple of months since I last did one of these blogs. Four months to be exact. So, I figured I'd catch you folks up with what's been going down.
League of Legends has consumed my life since January. I haven't been able to play anything else. It's quite sad actually because I keep buying games thinking I'm going to play them, but I don't. I can't. Monster Hunter 3(Tri...whatever) is one of those game I got. I'm still on the tutorial part, which is sad really, but hopefully tomorrow (I'm going to play it tomorrow, I will. Maybe.) I can get past that and on to some actual quests. So far it seems like a more narrative game than the previous ones, but the lack of content like faces and hair-dos along with the cutting of weapons like the hunting horn seems really weird to me.
GTA IV (For the PC) is another game I bought that I thought I was going to play. Maybe I'll try it again, but my computer can't run it well even though Can You Run It says I could. Biggest memory hog of a game I've ever played.
And onto the finale I suppose. These are two pieces I've worked on. I'm satisfyed with both I suppose, but I think I could do better on each of them, specifically with the shading. If anybody has any critics I'd be glad to hear them.

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Do you tell people that you like video games?

I like video games. I think they're a great way to pass the time, tell stories, and interact with others. Other people on the other hand may not see them in the same light I do, especially if they've never played them. 
Now, for me, I want games to be more than just a hobby. I want to get into the game industry when I'm older, as a texture artist or maybe concept artist once I've improved a bit more. Games and art are really my only passions, due to failure at sports when I was younger (Played soccer and lost every game, tied once) and lack of interest in them. This has lead to many an awkward situation when asked with the question "What do you do outside of school?" and "What do you want to do when you grow up?" I usually answer with "I like to draw" or "I don't know", because art is more accepted than video games. Recently though, I was asked with the latter question of "What do you want to do when you grow up?". I told the guy straight up that I wanted to get into the video game industry. He kind of said OK...and left me be. 
Now, when you're faced with these questions, do you actually tell people that you play videos games? And if you want to get into the industry like me, do you tell people that?


Winter Girl (Drawing)

Oh hi. I've been working on something from last night and am almost done...I think. I downloaded some brushes from a guy named Daarken, who is a concept artist for Warhammer Online and decided to try them out. Anyways, this is what I came up with:

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I'm not really sure how the shading on the hat should look because it looks a little wonky. Oh and by the way, I had to make a brush so the knitted pattern came out correctly, if you're interested in it, I'll upload it somewhere for you. 
So, any suggestions on how I should improve?

Public Service Announcement

Well, this is just to inform people that I have changed my icon/avatar. I thought I'd tell you this because most people don't look at names, only the avatars, and I just wanted you to know what it is now. So, as always, keep looking forward to my happy and cheerful posts, just be ready for somebody other than Peppy attached to them. I honestly don't know what to name this character, just threw him together in Illustrator, you can come up with some names if you want.
That's it. And here's a diagram for you lazy people:

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QotD Response 11/23

Worst game I've played this year is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I had sold my copy of the first one and wanted to play it again without having to buy the weird copy that had Forza 2 stuck to it. Instead, I bought this game, which has a serious story unlike the first along with totally unsatisfying boring gameplay. I havn't even beaten it, it was so bad.