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cozmicaztaway I bought Arcanum tonight...

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They disappointed me sooner than I'd expected

So when i was 11, and up until maybe 17, there was one game I played on my PC (and it was MY pc, it stood on my desk in my room, and old hand-me-down with Win95) far more than any other. Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries. The cartoon introduced me to Battletech, true, but the game rocketed me into it. So I spent way too many years thinking about fusion engines, advanced physics, computers and giant walking tanks blowing the crap out of each other, and I still love the idea enormously.

And in July 2009, the announced Mechwarrior and messageboards lit up with "oh cool" and "well, we won't see this 'til 2014". But hey, that trailer was freaking awesome, right? Plus it had a Warhammer, and that's always a bonus. it also had somehtingcalled an "Atlas prime" (which is an Atlas 7D, because prime designations weren't around in 3015 in the inner Sphere. Yes, I am one of those fans). And then nobody heard anything, supposedly Harmony Gold was an issue despite not having a leg to stand on and I forgot about it and went back to trying to learn game development.

Then stuff hits me over Twitter, and well, they're revealing stuff about this, it's coming, and soon! New info! "What's with all the 3048 stuff?" would be the first question. The second was "oh well, they'll ruin it and i'll get a dumbed down Mechwarrior" but at least, unlike Syndicate or XCOM, this would still be in the same general genre, right? Sure, they'd muck up the controls, but hey, it's an UE3 game. I know my way around that engine. I can mod this thing to play like I want it to play (throttle meter etc) and that'd be great.

I've been really, really psyched about this for days.

Then they drop the bomb. New title: Mechwarrior Online. One does not even need to check to realize it's a F2P multiplayer focused thing. Which might be nice and all, but I always had the most fun just going Instant Action and blowing shit up in MW2:Mercs, and if not, then hey, that story about Deshler being invaded by the Kuritans seemed pretty cool, right? But nope, instead we get a Free to Play game, meaning I probably won't pay anything and therefore not get any of the fun toys, and therefore, in general, blech. Tweeted by Russ Bullock, President of piranha Games: "Hope all you #MechWarrior fans are as happy as I am, your going to love it. Just landed in Montreal, more tweets soon" Aside from the fact it should be "you're" not "your"... no, Mr. Bullock, I am not happy. I am in fact rather disappointed. And I was hoping you would at least give me until release until that happened.