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cozmicaztaway I bought Arcanum tonight...

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Cozmic's dream arcade

So if I had the room for it, these are the arcade games I'd be pretty stoked about owning. Warning, heavy 90's nostalgia incoming, as well as some "I never played this but" moments.

List items

  • Just LA Machineguns, or maybe both. Yes, there's a Wii verion, but unless your arms go numb from the endless recoil it just doesn't count. Played this at Sega World in London when I was 12, and I remember it as some of the most awesome moments ever.

  • I worry this thing might be too "simplistic" for what the presentation is, because it's not really Steel Battalion, but it's one of those cool things the arcades have going for it at the moment.

  • Never did get to play Virtual-On the "proper" way with two sticks, and this one seems to be an arcade exclusive, so get!

  • Somewhere in the vaults of possessions that are either mine or my brothers, this game and a Guncon are lying around for the PS1. But that's a hassle, and the arcade version seems cooler.

  • Daytona USA is a pretty cool game, and has a ton of ports all over the place. Scud Race has none, but it does have some really cool tracks, and 90's Sega is just the best.

  • I'd take a home-port of this, I really would. But man, this seems very cool.

    Also, the reason we didn't get a home port might be because this game was YEARS ahead of others in some things, but now Phong-shading is old hat so it's doable now!

  • Almost purely for the R360-cabinet version, because try and replicate that in your average couch.

  • If you're gonna showcase how crazy arcades can be, this seems like a good one to use. Yes, home racing sims have gotten ever more crazy (thanks PC!), but this is still something special. 4 Naomi boards!? For one game!? Crazy.

  • The other ones are classics, but they had home ports, so we're going with this one. It better be good, or else it drags the glorious name of Virtua Cop down.

  • Fuck your balance board, Wii!

  • Motorcycles, a staple of things you do better in an arcade than at home.

  • yeah, I watched The Old Games Show. I never expected a Michael Jackson game would end up so high on my list of "I want to play this, NOW"

  • There isn't even nostalgia for this pick, I was 28 when I played this back in late October 2015 at a retro games show. I discovered that this game is totally rad.

    There's this great tension of anticipating where the enemy is next, hoping you get a shot off before they do, and tracking properly if you miss. Also, it might be because I really like the coordination of moving both my hands entirely to reverse or turn etc. I drove a real tank once, that was even cooler, but man, BattleZone is RAD.

  • Daaaaytooonaaaaaaaa! Arcade exclusive.

  • You fight a shark in this arcade exclusive game, so obviously I'd want it.

  • Mostly for the M2-hardware. I'm curious about that thing.