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cozmicaztaway I bought Arcanum tonight...

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The All time Greats

Ok, so this is a list of the games I count as my all time favourites for whatever reason. It can be sentimental, it can be that I just played it for ages and it can be because frankly, it's just a great game. Also, they're in no particular order.

List items

  • Original Mechwarrior 2 is great, but this is the greatest 'mech game of all time.And probably the greatest mech game as well (I haven't played Steel Battalion, to be fair). This is a game that drove me harder into its universe than anything has done before or since, fueled my interest in fusion energy and physics,made me lots of friends and is the game I seemed to play non-stop between the ages of 11 and 17 or something to that effect. Why? Because it has the best mech-feel ever and all of it is accompanied by a truly kick-ass soundtrack!

  • This game probably had the biggest effect on me that any game has had. It taught me you get attached to the characters in games, and that a good story can mean so much. That it was my first Final Fantasy, being European, and that I was ten at the time probably also mattered a great deal.

  • My first console I ever bought, I bought used for my own money. With it came NHLPA'93 (which is a terrific game), and Shining Force II. I'd seen Phantasy Star II once, but never really played a full on role-playing game. Not that i played this either, at first., I delegated that to my older brother, who's friend named the main character after me. So I ran around fighting monsters in tactical battles while wizards threw spells and fun animations played out and I'm fairly certain this started my love for strategy-RPGs. Which leads me to the next game...

  • There's a ton of great games for the PS2, but this one is my favourite. If i was stranded on a desert island, I'd bring this with me, because there's just so much to do. Lots of endings, the item world, all the different characters. All of which would be for naught if it weren't for the fact that Disagea is seriously fun to play. Combat is neat, characters are awesome and the story is both incredibly funny and also very touching. Other Disagea games just can't match the main character this game has in Laharl, the frustrated teen who thinks he hates everything. Also, killer soundtrack and this game introduced me to Tsunami Bomb, so thanks!

  • Ok, so the puzzles in this game are tricky as hell and I may not have the patience for them, but it's on here because of the humor, atmosphere, and the story.All of which are absolutely amazing."With bony hands I hold my partner/ On soulless feet we cross the floor/ The music stops as if to answer/ An empty knocking at the door/ It seems his skin was sweet as mango/ When last I held him to my breast/ But now we dance this grim fandango/ And will four years before we rest."

  • I bought an N64 on launch day and little would I know I'd play arguably the greatest game ever right then and there. The movement made immediate sense, the graphics are still charming (yes, they are, screw you!) and the concept is still a great one.It's such a shame Nintendo won't ever be able to properly follow up on this.

  • The reason I bought a Dual Shock. This game took the concept of Mario 64 and evolved it, and also showed just what two analog sticks were good for. Top down twin-stick shooter: yup.Boxing game: yup. Crazy hard ski-game: yup. Driving a tank: yup.Also, there was some platforming...Just kidding, the platforming was the entire thing!

  • This might be another one of those "i was 11" type of deals, but MGS blew my mind. You had this awesome complex amazing story (Holy SHIT on the Gray Fox reveal!) that even had some sort of political message and these crazy action-movie moments like rapelling down a building while being attacked by a helicopter, as well as sneaking around and being just TERRIFIED someone would find you. And you had Rex, which was also awesome.

  • I'm prettysure I can play the demo of this game with my eyes closed because I played it soo many times due to not being able to play the real thing. Shogo did the most important thing a shooter could possibly do: it made shooting dudes tons of fun. Add to that crazy weapons like the bullgut or the machine-gun/sniper-rifle thing and blood splattering everywhere, as well as some mechas, and you get the greatest FPS.

  • This was love at first sight. i was at a friend's house and another friend was playing this on the all-metal map whcih is just a bunch of creossroads and smaller platforms.He'd moved to the tiny southeast corner of the map and built a base that was purely missile towers, a few guardians, a power plant and some metal collectors and an airfield. It was WALLED off by these towers. The entire thing fit on a single screen, and the crossway leading up to it was filled with debris from exploded enemy tanks. Then we built a missile silo and started cranking out nukes. Nukes, if you didn't know, in Total Annihilation will pretty much wipe out everything on screen. And you can track them across the map.There was a giant hole in the enemy base once we saw the first nuke hit, and it was just instantaneous love right there. I also saw planes evading enemy fire while attacking ships. Only problem was the guy was tooo quick for us to select, so we couldn't order him out of there as the nuke was arriving., he evaded action-movie style with the explosion just behind him. What a fantastic game.

  • My first encounter with Jenova Chen and That Game Company came here, in an unassuming little game about playing around with clouds. It's probably still my favourite TGC game. It's just so incredibly relaxing. Although I will say Flower and Journey are both pretty great too.

  • Ok, so I played these separately (but overlapping with one another) on the PS2, but they're both important and I can't pick one over the other so hah, compromise. While they could both be incredibly frustrating at times, these games made me think and feel, and that's what great games do.

  • ..or they're just completely crazy and you can play them for ages. I suck at Tumiki Fighters, I only beat it once despite the HOURS I've played, but it's one of those games that I can always play a bit of and enjoy myself, and it kind of reintroduced me to the joys of shmups.

  • Speaking of pure fun for hours and hours, this game is crazy. the only other battlefield game I have a lot of experience with would be Vietnam, but I don't think the series has ever been quite as much wacky fun as it was in the original. Beaching a a carrier because you are an idiot, counter-sniping with the engineer, stealing the enemy's tanks, frenetically hammering the E button as your buddy approaches so you jump INTO the plane rather than get swatted by it, running hordes of bots over with a jeep... This is just a game where you and some friends can always think of something dumb to do. Again and again and again.