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Good Idea, Bad Implimentation 1

  Reviewing games that came out years ago is always a bit tricky.   The reviewer is asked to review the game as a product of its time, as well as a product that you would play right now.   I tend to review older games with the lens of how it fits into the “history” of video games.   Luckily, the original Killzone doesn’t have this problem.   While it was certainly released six years ago (as of the time this review was written), it is still a modern first-person shooter.  The game st...

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The First Person Action Adventure 0

  I have been sitting on this game review for a while now.   Essentially, I don’t know how to describe this game.   At its core, it is a first person shooter.   However, in my mind there is a strong case to be made to peg it as an adventure game.   I have finally realized how I need to describe it to you, the reader: the game is a unique game whose atmosphere, story, and gameplay has yet to be duplicated ever.  This probably seems like a bit of hyperbole, and I suppose it might.   But l...

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A Brilliantly Flawed Game 0

This is a game you’ll love to hate.   It is unforgiving, twitchy, frantic, and at times unfair.   But you’ll want to come back and get through the game, because you know that if you try just a little bit differently you’ll be able to get through it and defeat that f&#*ing level, and move on.  You’ve probably read a fair amount about this game already, but my to sum up the game, ‘Splosion Man, is a 2.5D puzzle-platform game where your only mechanic is to “`splode” (jump).   You navigate 50 le...

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An Overlooked Classic 0

As I said in my Dragon Warrior (Quest) VII review, I am a huge Dragon Quest (Warrior) fan.  However, I'm also getting older, so the tropes of "traditional" JRPG's are getting annoying to me.  Dragon Quest VIII takes those tropes, turns them on their heads and then uses them in ways that make you enjoy them.   It actively made me want to sink more time into this epic (70+ hours) JRPG.  This game was released in the US in 2005 (over 4 years ago as of the writing of this review) on a last-gen syste...

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A Very Average Game 0

 As I sit here trying to figure out if I should recommend this game, I am having trouble determining what exactly to say.  On the one hand, the game is a charmingly quirky puzzle-platformer.  On the other hand the game is extremely simplistic and will take you only a couple of hours to go through and get all the achievement points for.You play Clyde, who is a cheap-skate who signed up for medical research in some crazed medical laboratory.  You are then subsequently cloned and decide to escape f...

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One of the Best Ever 0

 If you're visiting Giant Bomb, then you already know what the Halo series is generally about.  However, you might not have played the original Halo: Combat Evolved.  If you haven't then I will skip right to the end and say that you should.Halo: Combat Evolved (H:CE) was a launch title for the original Xbox.  I firmly believe that it was the title that caused Microsoft from just simply packing up and shutting down, as no other title was really worth playing on the console for over a year after t...

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A Flawed Final Fantasy 0

 Final Fantasy VIII is a highly polarizing game, you either think that the love story and the unique game system is amazing and brilliant, or you think that the plot and game system are a broken mess.  Spoilers for this review, I fall into the latter: this game is fundamentally broken.While I could go on and create a wall of text, I think it best to just break it down into what is good and what is bad about this title.  First off, this game isn't a "bad game", there are plenty of Quest 64, Super...

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This Game is Awful 0

Back when I was in college, I had a roommate who owned an N64.  This was the only game console I had, so I played a fair amount of N64 games in general.  Also being a college student I didn't have a whole lot of money, so we tended to play the heck out of any titles we actually pooled our money together to play.  One of my roommates and I were RPG fans, and this was *the* RPG for the N64.  So naturally we jumped when this game came out....  Wow.. I wish we would have pooled our money for a PlayS...

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A Very Confusing Game 0

Actually what I should be saying is that I am confused whether I should be giving this game a 5 star mark, or a 2 star mark.  On the one hand, this game is definitely a Final Fantasy game from the Final Fantasy V gameplay style branch.  On the other hand, you have a ridiculous "girl power" plot and the most confusing series of events this side of Final Fantasy VIII.  For those of you who don't know, Final Fantasy X-2 is the first direct sequel to any Final Fantasy game.  It continues the story o...

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Dissapointing Game 1

The Dragon Quest (Warrior) series has a special place in my heart, I have enjoyed all of the titles preceding this one that I've played.  But let me cut to the chase here: this game is a disappointment.  This is really a shame because the more I played this game, the more I realize the care that went into making this title.  However Dragon Warrior VII (DW7) ends up fundamentally a broken and outdated title (even for its 2000 / 2001 release).  The game starts you out as a normal teenager in a sma...

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