360 withdrawals.

I am in my second week of a self imposed 360 hiatus. I told myself after I reach the 150,000 gamer score mark I would try to give my PS3 and Wii some love. Alan Wake was the game that got me there and I immediately wanted to play thru it again. I was able to fight back the urge and popped in my copy of Infamous that I have been trying to finish for about 4 months now. Great game, but I am not having as much fun as I did with Crackdown. 3D Dot Game Heroes was entertaining until about the half way point. The Wii was feed a copy of Super Mario Sunshine from the GC area. That game looks like ass on an HDTV. I also think that I might not like that "try again and again until you get it" game play.  
At any rate, I guess I am just a fanboy that loves his 360 too much. I am going to finish Infamous this week, be damned, then it is back to Bright Falls for this guy.